I think time travel is possible...

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  • AGuest
    They start with a light-hearted joke of a topic and I contribute to the light-hearted jokes and what does it go to?

    That's your offering of light-hearted jokes? Goodness, would hate to see your hard-core "stuff", Jer...

    It's okay for AGuest to joke around, but when I join in, she says it's immature.

    Well, I mean, when you join in immaturely...yeah...

    F*ck you, AGuest. And the horse you rode in on.

    Oh, c'mon, Jer... you know I ride a broom...

    Everyone who actually knows me, instead of pretending to learn about me by hearing the voice of the lord just to start controversy, knows I am not at all what you just described.

    No, you are what your own words in your previous posts here described. I just put it into better words, is all...

    And I know that if your pretend lord did talk to people, I would not make his list of discussion topics.

    Oh, you'd be surprised, Jer... really, you would. But only when you start making your usual "noise." Otherwise, I don't notice you, either...

    Okay, I might as well fully burn this bridge.

    Might as well. Make it good, though... so that when you sober up you'll appreciate how much I overlooked...

    You are a fake, a fraud.

    I would say takes one to know one, Jer... but since you don't know me... it would only apply to you. So...

    You just provoke with your comments, trying to get people like me or Qcmbr to respond.

    Wait a minute... wait a minute... what in the WORLD did I say on this thread that even RELATED to you... or dear Qcmbr (peace to you, and I'm serious...)??

    You get bored if we don't.

    No, let me set you straight on that, right now. I get bored when you DO address me. Which is why I often respond as I do. I would just as much prefer you never addressed me. But... as I've said to you many times... JAH shows mercy to whomever HE wishes to. I did not address you here, at all, though... or state anything remotely having to do with you... or what you believe... or do not believe.

    YOU, however, as usual... could not control your own fingers. You HAD to look and see. But... you couldn't stop there: you also had to comment. HAD to. WHY, Jer?? I'm a fake, a fraud. What in the WORLD do YOU have to do with a fake and a fraud? If this is true and you KNOW this... why do YOU bother? Because you know it's a lie... that I am NOT a fake and fraud... and so you CAN'T HELP YOURSELF.

    I have let it go, then come back to just joke around on your admitted fluff thread

    No... you don't. You don't HAVE to come back. You could just as easily stay let it go... and stay away. But... you can't. Sad part is that you want to blame ME... for YOUR lack of self-control.

    and you stoop to the same old same old- insulting and acting like you know something about the person you insult.

    And you don't? Must be some strong "medicine" you're indulging in tonight, Jer. 'Cause your senses... particularly your sight, because you obviously didn't see what YOU posted... are truly "dulled", right now.

    AGuest is the same as a troll on JWN.

    Ooohhh... "Jerry, Jerry, quite contrary"... See? I can throw names out there, too...

    It's been pointed out that she mocks humility and claims most of her insight is from her fake voice of her lord.

    Well, c'mon... everyone IS entitled to their opinion... even if it's wrong. So, I take no offense. Why do you?

    She's probably even more than one poster on JWN, so that she can have others say they have heard the voice. What a faker she is.

    Okay, now YOU'RE the delusional one. I don't need to make up posters, chile. Seriously? You should think about putting that "medicine" down for a spell. I think it's clouding your mental abilities as well as your sight...

    (Hey, it's a fluff thread and I can dish it out the same as I receive it, can't I?)

    But you DIDN'T receive it, did you? So, the answer would be "No, you can't. You dished it out poorly... and received it even worse."

    Night, Jer. Please, go sleep it off. It'll all look better in the morning. Oh, wait... no it won't - you'll still be you: regretful, chagrined, angry, P.O.'d... and thinking your vocation in life is STILL scattering God's sheep...

    A slave of Christ,

    SA, who hasn't forgotten my Lord's words that, "The day will come will all who kill you will THINK they're doing an act of sacred service." Take care, Jer, or you just might find yourself among these...

  • AGuest

    Dear Miz Josie... peace to you... and I hear you, girl. I didn't even have Jerry on the brain today. I think he posted something smarmy on another thread, but I overlooked it. Unfortunately, I don't think he expected... or wanted that... and so he came here to start mess. I know, I probably should've ignored him... but... DANG! A girl can only take so much, you know? I've warned that little boy about trying to pull my pigtails; even slapped him once or twice already. But... he keeps on. I realize that it's not very "christlike"... and I should probably turn the other cheek... but my cheek is SORE from all the turnin' I've done with him over the years.

    So, I've decided, again, to stand my ground... and "take the charge"... knocking him on his butt, if I have to. Will my Lord be happy about this? I don't think so... but he knows me, what I'm made of (dust)... and what I am INSIDE. Since I cannot be perfect like him... and always reflect love... I can only rely on HIS love... mercy... and forgiveness. Thus, I will TRY to stay away from Jerry... and refrain from these kinds of interchanges... but I ain't promising ANYONE that I will always succeed. Certainly not if he's following ME.

    Next time, though, I think I'll just do as Paul did... and tell that demon to take a hike once and for all - LOLOL!

    My apologies for causing YOU any concern... and my "white flag" is always at the ready for Jer. While I will tell him the truth... when he "asks" me to (as he did here)... I ain't mad at him. I really do feel sorry for him. He is a man whose conscious is whipping his... well, you know what I mean. He's gotta take that out one someone. Better me, I guess... than anyone else.

    Again, peace to you, my dear sister... and I will try. Won't promise... but will try - I promise.

    YOUR servant... and a very... ummmm... "human" slave of Christ, tonight...


  • talesin

    Well, since physicists theorize that time travel is possible, that's good enough for me.

    Personally, I'd love to get a glimpse into the alternate/parallel universes ..... there's so much being 'discovered' and proven now, it's an exciting time to be alive.


  • AGuest
    Removed because I like Mrs. Jones, the peacemaker.

    No, you didn't, Jer. You removed it because you didn't want the world to see all that melarkey your fear... and "medicine"... had you post. 'Cause you're such a "good" guy, right? C'mon, let's at least TRY to stick to some modicum of honesty, shall we, Jer? Unfortunately, I included your post in my response (yep, line by line, as usual)... so, it's still there, for all perpetuity. Whoo, man - you are REALLY not gonna like yourself... some more... in the morning.

    They say a bit of hair of the dog will help...

    SA, who's, okay, done now, so stick a fork in me on this jazz... on her own...

  • talesin

    Yes, OTWO, you seemed to have quite a negative mindset today. Hope all is well in your corner of the world.

    ack ack... must sleep !


  • Qcmbr

    I've posted this before and it's just musing.

    Time travel of a sort must be possible ( some observed quantum interactions show the effect preceding the cause ) and the following is a thought dilemma I'm not smart / evolved enough to resolve - I run off the end of my brain trying to figure it out.

    How does anything move on the atomic level IF there is such a thing as a particle. If the speed of light is a limiting factor for objects with mass and movement is preceded by acceleration which is the application of force how does the far side of a fundamental particle 'know' when to move. To illustrate. Imagine you could see a fundamental particle the size of a marble and this marble was hanging with other marbles in a cats cradle structure. By applying force ( swinging the end marble) you can transfer energy from one particle to another and through to the last one sending it swinging away. If we could freeze frame time we could potentially say where the force 'was' and where it wasn't as it transferred particle to particle but then - for me - the problem is the final particle, if the furthest edge of the particle moves as soon as the touching edge receives the force then that force has moved faster than light speed, if the particle ripples the energy (so the particle deforms in time and snaps away when that ripple reaches the far edge)that suggests it's not a fundamental particle since it is holding different states across it's boundary. Maybe time ticks like a clock, storing up the next click state before it all occurs at once( so the fundamental particle receives the entire force equally across one tick of time rather than in a flow.)

    I'll get my coat now.

  • Qcmbr

    P.s. I know I'm ignoring the concept that forces are potentially themselves particles. I couldn't work out how to explain that as well in my garbled thought experiment.

  • bohm

    QCMBR: Its a good thought experiment. But what i think you should consider is the uncertainty principle: For the "particle standing still"-part to be true, it has to have zero momentum (thats what standing still mean) ---> which mean it is everywhere in the universe!

    aint that just cool :-).

  • watersprout
    Across the Pond in 1.4 seconds? W'Sprout, get a room ready, girl!!

    I'm on it! Lol

    Peace my sister

  • watersprout
    F*ck you, AGuest. And the horse you rode in on.
    Oh, c'mon, Jer... you know I ride a broom...

    Oh my goodness this had me cackling! I actually fell off my broom! Lol. Oh and the f*ck you comment is just not nice.

    She's probably even more than one poster on JWN, so that she can have others say they have heard the voice. What a faker she is.

    Now I am cackling! You really do have a bee in your bonnet about this don't you?? You even accused me of being Shelby's ''alter ego'' a while back... That's just too funny and yet what's funnier is that you are still a numpty! Shel is NOT a faker, and you have no right to comment cause you don't even know her! Fool!


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