I think time travel is possible...

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  • AGuest

    (Fluff thread)...

    No, seriously, though (may you all have peace!)... there are times when, within seconds after submitting a post, someone posts a response to it. Now, that isn't unusual in and of itself; however, my posts can be quite long sometimes. So, there is really NO way someone could have read it AND posted a response within, say, 1.5 seconds (which seems to be the time lapse, sometimes). I mean, it took 2.0 seconds for it to even appear on MY screen after I submitted it. Factor in the commenters reading time (say, at LEAST a minute... well, okay, more like 10 minutes for one of my posts)... then the time it takes to compile and submit THEIR post (say, at least another 25 seconds to one minute)...

    So HOW can a activity that takes AT least TWO minutes, possibly more than 10... be accomplished in 1.5 seconds???

    See... alls we have to do is figure out how to get ourselves inside our computers. You know... Tron... or something like that. Figure that out and I can be at, say, dear tec's house in... what... .8 seconds? Dear OUTLAWS' in... .6? Miz Josie in .3...

    Across the Pond in 1.4 seconds? W'Sprout, get a room ready, girl!!

    Shoot, don't tell ME we can't time travel. We just need science to hurry the heck up and tell us HOW.

    Peace, chickens... and pay me no mind. Needed a little distraction from a bit of pain, is all...

    SA, on her own...

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    It is five hours earlier in Europe than the east coast of the USA. They see our posts five hours before we make them.

  • AGuest
    They see our posts five hours before we make them.

    Okaayyy, dear MS (the greatest of love and peace to you!)? You get what I'm sayin'... nohmsayin'?? Right now, we can only do it with images. But Willy Wonka was on the right track: transporting folks like he did Mike TeeVee! THAT'S what ah'm talkin' about!


    SA, on her own... holding up two fingers

  • N.drew

    Hello sister! I'm so excited! It is!! Yah, now there's two of us. I'm jealous of your excellent memory.

    OK. Them doubters say the body can't be recreated for a resurrection because it's gone to dust, well dah, it's transported, was that suppose to be a secret? Abraham? Forgive me, and thank you!

  • fade_away

    If the world ends, Europe will experience it 5 hours before the US. Maybe they can give us a heads up so we can brace ourselves.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    In New zealand we will experience the world ending before you ALL....so we'll let you know what happens..LOL

    Hey I can also celebrate Tecs birthday before she does LOL LOL LOL...I let you know how it went Tec Ha ha ha

  • N.drew

    Time is a joke! OK Watchtower, figure that one out. You don't study...? You steal? But you said...

    I imagined them guys getting down with Jehovah, come to find out they were studying oral sex?

  • ohiocowboy

    Aguest, I am sorry you are in pain, and I hope you feel better soon.

    Time travel would be really neat. I have thought about it quite frequently, and have read many ideas on how it may be accomplished one day. It would not surprise me though if the highest level of the military or Gov't has already found a way to do it, or at least have a good base knowledge of the how to's.

    With my luck though, there would be a fly in the time machine with me, and I would end up being the rebirth of the Fly! Buzzzzzzzz Zap!


    Hey Shelby..

    I was just reading..

    Some scientists believe time travel is possible..

    I`ll go back in time..Give Little OUTLAW some advice..

    Come back to my own time and Have a Different life as soon as I arrive..

    Now that would be cool..


  • sabastious
    Come back to my own time and Have a Different life as soon as I arrive..
    Now that would be cool..

    Your life is still the same so you must have already went back and was rejected by your past self.


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