Now that the S**t is hitting the fan how are the JW's reacting??

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  • agent zero
    agent zero

    skeeter - i think that's what i'll do. (i didn't see your post until after i posted mine)

    diamondiiz - that's how it normally is but somehow this time it seems different. it's getting alot of attention and with twitter and facebook it spreads really fast.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Persecution comtplex kicks in and poor JW are being persecuted by the world, lead by apostates who are obviously under Satan's control. At present there is no shit hitting the fan.

    I'm sure it will be spun as the Beast attacking Christ's Brothers.

    Nazi German did the same thing and look how it lead right into Armageddon. (Oops, that didn't happen, did it! That was Old Prophecy.)

  • agent zero
    agent zero

    sir82, the story IS spreading internationally..

    through members of this board for instance, uk, canada, us, australia - i dont know about translation into other languages, but in english it spreads fast. i just did a facebook post search of the term "mentally diseased" and all results save one were in reference to this topic.

  • talesin

    I haven't been in to check the newspaper site for a few hours, but there were quite a few non-witnesses that were commenting, and we gave a really 'good witness'.

    This is great publicity to let people know 'the truth about the Truth TM '.

    No need for anyone to be negative - if JWs aren't listening to us, their friends and neighbours sure are. I spoke to at least 5 people that weren't witnesses, and one elder who, if I may say so myself, got 'a good trouncing'. :D

    I don't know how you 'talk' to your friends, but my version might go something like this,

    Big splash in the British newspaper The Independent today :O

    Casual, normal reaction.


  • discreetslave

    There is one guy who noticed how ignorant the JW's are from their comments. He could see they are are oblivious to how journalism works.

    Good job Talesin

  • skeeter1

    I'd like to be a skeeter on a wall inside Bethel (or London Bethel). Buzz buzz.

  • cofty

    This from a commenter calling himslef MikeJWalsh on the Independent website -

    I am the Co-ordinator of the body of Elders in a Jehovah's Witness congregation. I agree wholeheartedly with ANYTHING the Governing Body says. They alone are used by our heavenly father Jehovah to dispense Truth at the proper time. Matt 24:45. If the Governing Body asked me to kill myself I would gladly sacrifice myself as only they have words of truth. Apostates deserve all they get and are 'not of our sort'. When the watchtower plainly says we should hate apostates, who am I to argue. After all God will destroy them at his great war soon. I have noticed apostates are normally from troublesome families anyway. Good riddance I say. Long live the Governing Body. Praise Jehovah!

    I have told him he is doing more to hurt the organisation than any apostate could.

  • talesin

    Thanks, ds. :D

    skeeter ,,, LOL!


    (ds, just got in, have to have a lie-down, see you later?)

  • talesin

    cofty ... ahahaha ,,, what a maroon!

    I have been out for several hours, last time I was on there were about 544 comments,,, does anyone have an updated count?


  • OnTheWayOut

    I don't personally know any of them that are aware of this. Life goes on as usual for the majority. But I do know their typical thoughts:

    "The world praises us for our wonderful qualities that only come from having 'the truth.'"
    "The world in the power of Satan persecutes us and exaggerates when it talks of anything bad. This happens because we have 'the truth.'"
    "When something good happens to a JW, it is because he has Jehovah's blessings for being in 'the truth."
    "When something bad happens to a JW, it is either time and unforeseen occurances that befall everyone, or it is persecution from Satan because we have 'the truth.'"

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