Now that the S**t is hitting the fan how are the JW's reacting??

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  • skeeter1

    I passed it along to a few Dubs. I don't exect them to say anything to me directly. It wll be though the grapevine. "That Skeeter is always looking for bad news on the JWs."

  • Quarterback

    I sure would like to be a fly in a certain wall at Brooklyn

  • metatron

    My experience at Bethel (and others can testify to this), always keep an eye on the most self righteous and fanatical Witnesses you know. Why?

    Because they will often surprize you and suddenly break down.


  • metatron

    Oh, as to radical comments by Witnesses, here's a thought:

    During WW2, the Allies created fake Nazi propaganda that was even more extreme and crazy than the real stuff. If they obeyed it, tough luck.


  • shamus100

    "Cedars deserves a lot of credit for his hard work. And if I'm not mistaken Amelia Ashton was involved in getting it going, and Angus (cantleave) needs credit too."


    Honestly, I don't give two shits what the dub's think of me - I know why they keep going, and it's just pathetic. They hang themselves with their own words. :D

  • EmptyInside

    Most are oblivious to this,most Witnesses don't even know about the Watchtower moving out of Brooklyn.

  • bottleofwater

    @cofty [citation needed] should be placed after every phrase

  • d

    Yes I do wonder hwo they are reacting to the chaos in the Middle East and Wallstreet.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Walsh's post was great, whether he's really a Dub or not, because if a JW reads it and thinks - he's lying, he's nuts, he's an apostate - then they also have to face exactly what he said that isn't part of their official doctrine.

    Because everything he said is true for them, or it is supposed to be from the GB's perspective.

  • blondie

    I am the Co-ordinator of the body of Elders in a Jehovah's Witness congregation. I agree wholeheartedly with ANYTHING the Governing Body says. They alone are used by our heavenly father Jehovah to dispense Truth at the proper time. Matt 24:45. If the Governing Body asked me to kill myself I would gladly sacrifice myself as only they have words of truth. Apostates deserve all they get and are 'not of our sort'. When the watchtower plainly says we should hate apostates, who am I to argue. After all God will destroy them at his great war soon. I have noticed apostates are normally from troublesome families anyway. Good riddance I say. Long live the Governing Body. Praise Jehovah!

    Not a mention of Jesus Christ...................

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