Nov.15th WT - Quotes Dissing - Internet, Higher Education, Earning a Living

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  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Critical thinking is the key. Period. That's why they don't want kids in college.
    This hit me when I went to the academic planning day at my local U. They told the students that if anything, they wanted them to come away with the CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS needed to make good decisions in life. I just thought THAT'S IT. That is EXACTLY why the society doesn't want us here.

  • flipper

    BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS - You hit the nail on the head. Indeed, it scares the Be-Jesus out of the WT society if a sizeable number of JW's gains critical thinking ability. That's why the WT society rants against use of the Internet so much. They know if Witnesses gain too much information - that more will exit in droves if their scam is exposed. Good point, thanks for making it

  • Scott77

    Mr. Flipper,

    As usual, its a very excellent post. Thank you.


  • flipper

    SCOTT 77 - Thanks ! I'm glad you liked the thread and I'm glad also that many people responded with their great thoughts ! We have to keep exposing the WT society for what they are - a dangerous mind control cult that is stealing people's lives away

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