Nov.15th WT - Quotes Dissing - Internet, Higher Education, Earning a Living

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  • flipper

    As most of us here are aware the WT society is using the " kool-aid " , or Witness only version as I call it - to indoctrinate and intimidate JW members through fear and guilt to avoid anything that takes their devotion and attention away from allegiance to the WT society's ambitions. So the WT society is amping up it's control methods once again in various articles in this issue as well.

    First off - notice this quote from page 14 , paragraph 16 , regarding how " dangerous " allegedly the Internet is. It states, " These desires ( of the world ) involve such things as promiscuity, prominence , and possessions. Books, magazines, newspapers, movies, TV shows, and the Internet are flooded with material of this sort, primarily because that is what most people SET THEIR MINDS ON and REALLY want. However, " the minding of the flesh means death " - spiritually now and physically in the near future. " Translation : Most people in the " world " are promiscuos , sinful, into possessions and they are this way because that is all that's on T.V. news, the Internet etc. Just evil ideas that will turn you against the WT society & God. So once again the WT society instills irrational fear into JW's minds thinking that IF they view the Internet they will read nothing but loose morality type information and it will make them sin. Truth be known is that the WT society doesn't WANT JW's to get on the Internet for fear of finding out about the WT society's own scandals and false beliefs ! So if they present it as evil - they think JW's will avoid looking at it.

    In regards to earning a living & higher education , notice these quotes on pg. 19 paragraph 10 & 11. It states, " But how do present-day Christians make use of the world ? They make LIMITED use of the world to earn a living. They purchase necessary goods and services made available in the world. However, they avoid using the world to the full in that they keep worldly possessions and occupations in the proper place. Vigilant Christians refrain from using the world to the full with regard to higher education. Many people in this world consider higher education an indispensable stepping-stone to prestige and an affluent life. But we Christians live as temporary residents and pursue different goals . We avoid "minding lofty things ". Consequently, young Christians are encouraged to pursue spiritual goals, getting ONLY AS MUCH EDUCATION AS IS REQUIRED to meet their BASIC NEEDS while focusing on preparing themselves to serve Jehovah ' with their whole heart, soul, strength, and mind. " Translation : The WT society wants young people to ONLY get a minimum education so they can control them more, dumb them down to work for free knocking on doors preaching and placing WT's & Awakes with people so they can be enslaved to the WT society the rest of their lives and not live for themselves and their own personal happiness. Armageddon will be here soon, so WT society's view is " Why get a " worldly " education ? It's O.K. that our WT society attorneys and GB members children get a higher education , but that's allowed so the WT leaders can control the rank & file younger JW's who are instructed NOT to get a higher education. What's good for the leaders isn't allowed for the 7 million JW followers. What's good for the goose , isn't good for the gander in this case.

    Once again it shows how hypocritical the WT society continues to be in allowing higher education benefits for their elite and WT attorneys, yet normal JW's are told it's unacceptable to get a higher education. Essentially they are saying, " we can be educated to benefit ourselves, but you the followers are not allowed to. " Because if a typical JW gets educated TOO MUCH- they just might check out the Internet and find out what OTHER things the WT society is hiding from them and a Witness may educate themselves and earn a decent living and leave the JW cult and WT society to pursue a free life ! And the WT society wouldn't want that now, would they ?

    So , I'm interested in your takes on this information. Any thoughts, comments, observations - would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks so much. Hope you are all doing well and living life with a free mind and experiencing peace & love in your life ! Peace out , Mr. Flipper

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I'm glad you posted this as I had a huge argument with a sister who claimed that education was a personal choice for JW's and that it's no longer discouraged. She cited a few individuals who saw no issue with this but I kept pointing to the society and all the articles discouraging education. And lets not get started on what's stated from the podium. I'll keep this article handy

  • N.drew

    ppp? nope, nope, nope. As God is my Judge.

    I think it would be embarrassing to elaborate so I won't.

    But if you need me, I will.

    It has only been a few years that I have not been eating the "spiritual food".

    So maybe someone, a spy type, might infiltrate the Society and find out how

    long one can be influenced by world and not succumb. Like I'm still Christain,

    how long do I have?

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Despite what some JWs might try to say about the WTS's stand on higher education, nothing at all has changed:

    - the only "freedom" the JW's R&F have in this matter is the freedom to do what they are told!


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I remember my SIL getting lectured for college. Problem was that most of the elders counseling her had children who graduated with a 4 year degree. She saw the hypocrasy and went to college anyways

  • flipper

    WHA HAPPENED ? - It's amazing, isn't it , how many JW's don't even keep up with current WT teachings and just assume they know what the WT society is instructing them - when they don't even read the magazines or pay attention to talks at meetings to hear the current, latest mind control drivel ? It seems the sister you were talking to is one of those people. They turn their minds off and just blindly think they know what they believe - but actually don't have a clue ! I'm glad your sister in law went ahead and got a college education in spite of the elders counseling against it . They are so hypocritical it's insane.

    N. DREW- I think many of us can be influenced by the world and be a hell of a lot better off than Jehovah's Witnesses are financially and otherwise ! LOL !

    BUNGI BILL- Very true. The gestapo minded leaders of the WT society only want one thing from the rank & file Witnesses- obedience and submission. Well - 2 things. They want their money also

  • Darkside Blues
    Darkside Blues

    I'm glad that my JW family members are actually quite lax in this regard. My mom wishes she had gone to college, and took out loans for me so that I could get my Bachelors. I may be strapped with student loans, but it's opened up doors that would otherwise be closed to me in terms of getting a job, especially in this recession.

  • N.drew

    OK, lI thought this post is about what leaving would do, I missed the point again.

    The question is does higher education lead to

    promiscuity, prominence , and possessions? Or a better way to phrase the question

    in my own head is can it lead to ppp? Yes, it can, just the same as being faithful to the

    Governing Body can lead to ppp.

  • mrsjones5

    My son has a friend who's mother is a jw. He's having hard tine right now cuz his mother is putting the screws on him to get baptized. The kid is only 16. He was so upset about the pressure that being put on him that he came last week and had a private talk with my husband. Hubby feels for the kid, as do I, and told that he was there for him ad if he needs a place to stay he can come over.

    Damn cult!

    I'm so glad my kids don't have to deal with that madness. Right now my oldest school is in the midst of putting in applications for college. Oh yeah, he's going.

  • N.drew

    The child can say to the parent "if I listen to you to obey and get baptized, who am I obeying?"

    If I do not get baptized, maybe I'm not being called by Jesus to do so yet. Does not the Bible say

    "do not rush ahead". BUT YOU MIGHT DIE "I believe the Bible's warning that says He who seeks

    to save his soul will lose it". So for your sakes Mom and Dad, I'm not going to do it till I am called.

    A little propaganda of my own. (don't hit me). Haha

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