Nov.15th WT - Quotes Dissing - Internet, Higher Education, Earning a Living

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  • mrsjones5

    "MRS. JONES- I'm so sorry your son's friend is getting pressured to get baptized in the JW's. What are parents thinking when doing this ? I'm glad that you and your husband can be there to be a support to him and offer him friendship and a place to stay if he needs it. You and hubby are beautiful people. Proud to call you our friends ! I'm excited to hear your oldest is applying to college now ! Awesome news ! Tell him the Flippers are proud of him and excited for him ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper"

    Gosh golly Flip, you and the Mrs are beautiful folks too. We always enjoy spending time with y'all. :D. The hubby and I are totally stoked about Jr going to college and I'm hoping his friend will have the same opportunity. He's a good kid, he doesn't need to be going through this jw crap.

  • trailerfitter

    What I overheard whilst listening at "her" B.S. The BSteacher was telling "her" that JWs can get jobs easily beause they are trusted..people know this and by reputation are trusted above others. The BS teacher also has 2 children , one goes to college studying tourism... so where is the restriction in education??

  • flipper

    MINDSEYE- Exactly . The WT society discourages it's members from broadening their horizons and learning ANYTHING outside the JW cult. Unless it benefits theWT society- they'd just as soon JW members not pursue it. I think the Internet scares the WT society to death because they know they can't control jW's from looking at it and learning from it.

    SKEETER- Very true. I hope the WT society keeps it up putting pressure on JW's as well. The more young people that exit- the better !

    BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS- Thanks. The WT society definitely wants to dumb down Witnesses so as to control them more. If you can keep JW people being idiots without ANY outside knowledge - you can control them much more easily. I hope you can exit the cult soon Breakfast. Keeping up a front is exhausting I'm sure. By the WT society stealing away JW's opportunities of learning from the Internet, pursuing higher education, and earning a good living- they are enslaving these people to only serve the JW organization. It's barbaric.

    MAMALOVE- I'm glad that some young people you knew went to college in your area. But I think many areas are coming down hard on young people going to college as Witnesses.

    AGONUS- Thanks. It makes you wonder, doesn't it - just how many college educated JW's there ARE in Bethel ? I'd be interested to know. Because it's those very ones who have a college education who may in time bring the whole organization down . Especially the legal department.

    AK McGRATH- Your post didn't show up. Try again please.

    RED 21- I'm so glad you followed your father's advice and got a good college education and ignored the WT society's advice. Good for you. I'm sure it made it much easier to make a living over the years.

    CHEMICAL EMOTIONS- I hope you are right. I hope a lot more young JW's ARE pursuing higher education these days and are ignoring the WT society's advice.

    TALESIN- Indeed the WT society are lying hypocrites. They allow upper echelon members to get college educated while frowning on lesser known JW's doing the same. It's so sick. Probably not many home schooled children would qualify to go to college. One reason JW's don't hesitate to home school their kids. Peace out, Mr . Flipper

  • flipper

    SPECTRE- Indeed, someone had to write that crap. It was mind controlled drones.

    RETROVIRUS- It is disgusting indeed that the WT society tells JW's to only earn enough money to look after their " basic needs ". What if emergencies come up ? Even basic needs can't be met on wages these days without a college education. So the WT society is really intruding past proper boundaries by saying this to Witnesses.

    TALESIN- THe Jones are beautiful people. Hearts of gold.

    SIZEMIK- Very well put by you. The WT society IS seeking only their own selfish gain at the expense of young people's careers and future. It is calloused and insensitive on the WT society's part to expect that young JW's can make ends meet and earn a decent living on minimum education. Really sad.

    ZIDDINA- Thanks for marking !

    AUSSIE OZ- Very true what you say. The WT society has held this anti-education stance for many years . I'm glad your dad didn't fall for it and did not accept it. I bet he's glad he dodged the bullet and left the Witnesses.

    LONG HAIR GAL- Exactly. Hypocrisy, pure and simple. The WT society will educate their own higher ups for the benefit of the Witnesses , but look down on rank & file Witnesses getting a higher education. If that's not the pot calling the kettle black I don't know what is ! I have seen women put down as well many times not given same opportunities as men in the cult. I saw lots of JW's scammed by other JW's in ponzi schemes when I was a Witness also. Just sick.

    MAD SWEENEY- You make a very good point that the JW children raised with a more lenient view of college during the 1990's WILL be hard to rein in by the WT society. And that's a good thing. Hopefully many of that time period will exit the Witnesses and seek freedom and peace of mind. And hopefully the new generation of young ones will rebel against the stricter " no college education " standard. One can only hope !

    CADELLIN- Your post didn't show. Try again please.

    MRS. JONES- I'm glad you are there for your son's friend. Awesome. He deserves a good education like your son and all other young people deserve . Good job .

    TRAILERFITTER- I think some JW's follow this advice from the WT society, some do not. It depends how fanatical and hardline each Witness is. Any that can get a college education should do so

  • WTWizard

    I have bad news for them. You need to make more than "limited use" of the world these days to make a living. Even if you have a decent job, you still have to worry about keeping it--and most of Europe and the United Tyranny of Stupidity (formerly, the United States of America) are running policies that are going to result in hyperinflation. More than limited use of the world is necessary if you are to protect your wealth, too--people really need to research that gold and silver, and make smart investment decisions.

    If you live where it's still legal to start your own business (in scattered countries throughout South America, Oceania, and parts of Africa), you still need to learn all you possibly can about your business to succeed. You might be able to start with an ounce of gold's worth of money and start a business--but you will still have much hard work ahead to learn about it. Learning is more important than anything else--and the Internet is one great source of information that will help you to get ahead of your competition and stay there (and improve one aspect of living for those living in your country).

    Yes, there is porn available online. And I view it on occasion. But, you can't usually find it popping up at random. Occasionally I get spam for porn--and their spelling is so atrocious that it is blatantly obvious that it is porn (and often kiddie porn or porn featuring bestiality, with a virus or worm thrown in at no extra cost). These are easy to simply delete. The ones with bad spelling or that blatantly depict kiddie porn or bestiality are marked as spam--others are simply deleted. But, again you are not going to get porn popping up at random--you have to look for it.

    Instead, I have found most of my online searches to remain true to what I am researching. You want to research a disease, you get both sides (the allopathic and the alternative) of treatments on different web sites. You research a country, you can get information on a vacation (or even moving there), or just some aspect of their culture that you would never get in the Asleep! rag. You want investment advice, that too is online--both in stocks and paper assets and in silver, gold, and commodities. You can research a company you used to work for. You can get information on music, entertainment, and even to research a product you see on TV to see how many people had quality or service problems with that product. Yes, you have to do your own thinking and make your own final decision as you will get both sides of your topic online. But, the Internet is valuable.

    And they wonder why so many of the witlesses are falling for investment and product scams.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    how do I get a hold of this article?

  • 00DAD

    Q: Mr. GB Brother, how exactly can I "serve God with my whole MIND" if I'm not allowed to educate it?

  • Magwitch
    The median starting salary for students graduating from four-year colleges in 2009 and 2010 was $27,000

    . Many people in this world consider higher education an indispensable stepping-stone to prestige and an affluent life.

    $27,000 is a far cry from a prestige’s affluent lifestyle...It is more like rent, food, a modest car payment and just enough left over to make your student loan payment. The people who write this stuff are such dumbasses.

  • flipper

    WT WIZARD- I think the WT society is really running scared due to the availability of information at Witnesses fingertips on the Internet. If the WT society can't control what Witnesses look at or read - it freaks them out ! They can't handle not being in control of Witnesses lives. So thus we see all this hard hitting information to control them more.

    WHA HAPPENED- If you go on the WT society's website ( whatever it's called ) I think you can download these magazines .

    MAGWITCH- I agree- the WT writing committee that writes this stuff ARE dumba$$es. Nobody virtually can survive on $ 27,000 per year unless they are getting help from someone else on rent and food and necessities of life. A person would almost have to live under a bridge to save any money with that income. Everything goes to bills and necessities. But if the WT society can keep JW's earning power down- they can control their lives even more so. So that's the plan on their part

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I thought they don't offer the kool aid mags on line

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