You have lost your job and your house, your down to your last $1,000. How will you make out at the end of the month?

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  • mrsjones5

    I don't smoke or drink. My husband has asthma and is allergic to animal hair and cigarette smoke, he drinks maybe once a week. And when it was really bad we cut out cable. Next.

  • sir82
    poor people are poor because they make stupid decisions.

    Before making further comment....

    In your opinion has that always been the case? I.e., were the Russian serfs of the 14th century poor because of their "stupid decisions"?

    Does this comment apply to the USA only, or to every place on earth?

  • purplesofa

    The point on the internet service and going to the library. We are losing funding for libraries all the time, some are closing down, so that will end computer access to the poor.


  • Robdar

    Since I saw a prostitute in Joplin the other day, I have to wonder where the options in the game are for hooking or selling drugs.

  • noni1974

    I made it with 387 dollars at the end of the month but rent was due and my car had been reposed and I couldn't get to work anymore so I got fired.

    In real life I'm doing what I have to do to go to school. If that means I have to take food stamps and live with my father then that is what I'm doing. I worked many years before I decided to go to school to pay for these bennifits I supposedly don't deserve ( according to the GOP and Tea Party). I'm a low life no account begger who deserves to die because I can't afford anything. Oh and I shouldn't even attempt to take what little money I do have and buy anything that makes me happy. I should suffer with old hand-me-down shoes and clothes.

    However the smart people know that even though I'm taking a little from society now, I will pay in much more then I ever take when I have a college education and a good job. I've paid in much more at this point in my life then I will ever get back. Given that Social Security will more then likely be gone in 30 years when I'm old enough to collect.

    People that would otherwise not ignore things, like getting your car legal, would never do so otherwise. Then the humiliation, stigma, prejudices start.
    Millions of people are living like this everyday. Trying desperately to hang on. Remember compassion, tolerance, patience, and be giving when you can.
    A smile to someone struggling...a supportive word is encouraging. and it's free......purps

    Awwwww..Thats so sweet..


    On another note..

    I just went outside..The bear took a dump on my lawn..

    .................... ...OUTLAW

  • Robdar

    That wasn't a bear dump, it was a bear love note. LOL

  • mrsjones5

    And how big was that dump?

  • watersprout

    I ran out of money on day 13! Whoops... Looks like I will be needing a tent!


  • purplesofa

    Noni, hang in there! Your doing great, and don't let anyone make you feel otherwise.


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