You have lost your job and your house, your down to your last $1,000. How will you make out at the end of the month?

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    Before I became a stay at home mother I had a job that paid me over $54,000 a year. When I lost that job my husband told me not to worry, he was working a contract job but was informed that it would soon be a salaried position with benefits.

    About three years after he was hired his job was moved to Indiana and if he wanted to keep his job we had to move which we did. Moving to Indiana gave my family the opportunity to live in a lower cost housing makert than California and after a year and the birth of our last child we were able to buy a modest home within our budget with a very nice fixed market rate.

    We weren't poor, we were firmly middle class with a house and a savings to boot.

    All that changed when my husband became sick. All of our failsafes fell through, we soon ran through our savings and eventually lost our house. My husband wasn't able to work and I could only find lowing paying jobs while trying to care for my husband and our four kids which includes a son that is autistic.

    Looking able on it I don't see how I didn't go crazy. I really don't know what would have happened to my family without help from friends, family and the government. I didn't need a handout, i needed help. I'm not a victim, I'm a survivor.

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    Purps, mrsjones......that's what we're talking about! Everybody (well, almost) has gone through these kinds of periods. They teach you something about your character, your determination, your true strengths, and all manner of emotional and mental stamina. There is no shame in losing it all. The shame comes when you start believing you are worthless, weak, and incapable of rising once again...inch by inch. When you decide to stay down and just accept you will be on the taxpayer's dole for the rest of your life, then shame on you, and double shame if you pass this attitude on to your children. Many wealthy people today have lost it all and even found themselves homeless before they found the inner strength to get back up and get going again.

  • journey-on
    America did not want to be Somalia or Haiti. They tried something different. Do you honestly think Americans want to return to that? Most want a balance....

    Return to what?! America has never been nor ever will be (see caveat below*) Haiti or Somalia.

    * Unless we become a true socialist country. If we allow "foreign" influence to filter in too much and cause a dilution of our original Constitutional principles, we could find ourselves in free fall. Big Government can give you Big Things, but they can take it away in a heartbeat. As long as most Americans remain bound to American values and ingenuity, stand firm on the Bill of Rights, and respect our Constitution, we'll find a way to resolve the issues.

    Balance is the key. You are right about that, sammies.

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    LOL!!! What a maroon!

  • journey-on

    And you're a burgundy! LOL!

  • GOrwell

    I passed the typing test, so it definitely is possible. I probably was going at 110-120 WPM with zero error rate, which is a pretty high standard.. but I finished the month @ about $275 left..

    @ ColdRedRain - in Canada, we'd love to have those food prices here..

  • purplesofa

    congrats on passing the typing test! Thanks for letting us know it could be done!

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    mrsjones, thanks for sharing you touching experience. Fortunately I am in the middle income position. I am the only one now with employment. My wife and daughter both lost their jobs. We are able to keep our heads above water. But if I lost my job, we would be in a world of hurt needing help from others.

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