"Mentally diseased" article to be published in The Independent tomorrow

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  • ziddina

    [back on topic... ]

    Well.... [heavy sigh]

    Now we have to wait.

    Although the issue has been brought to the attention of certain authorities - and, gratifyingly, they have not brushed aside the complaint, but are seriously looking into it, we will have to wait for the wheels of Justice to grind the complaint through the system...

    I sure hope something BIG comes of this - though what has already happened - is HUGE! Complaints against the Watchtower Corporation - being taken SERIOUSLY!!

    For anyone new to this thread, the link to the newspaper article is on page #2 of this thread = graciously posted by Jadeen...

    Feel free to read the article - and post your own comments on it!!

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  • cedars

    Thanks for the summary ziddina. As I've said before, I feel this is just a very small victory in a monumental struggle, but I genuinely hope that it represents a new chapter in the way the media treat the issue of internal dissent within Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Whilst I was involved in the organization, my only recollection of media coverage involved complaints about the Blood issue, and the odd "lifestory" of an apostate who was writing about how their childhood experience had scarred them. Both of these types of stories are generally brushed aside by most Witnesses. I also remember a BBC panaroma documentary on the child abuse aspect, and Barbara Anderson should be given a huge amount of credit for spearheading public awareness of this aspect of the organization.

    I feel the recent "mentally diseased" coverage has been unique in that it has taken direct quotes from the Watchtower that highlight its hateful stance towards those who have legitimate grievances against the Governing Body. In essence, we have used their own words to incriminate them. I can't remember ever seeing that kind of article as a Witness, although I would be glad to be shown evidence that similar articles have been published in the past if I am mistaken in that belief.

    I feel that it's important to look at this "model" of raising awareness based on actually printed statements that are made by the Society, and seeing how we can replicate it in future campaigns.

  • ziddina
    "I feel that it's important to look at this "model" of raising awareness based on actually printed statements that are made by the Society, and seeing how we can replicate it in future campaigns. ..."

    I wonder if the JW lawyers are coming down on the Writing Department's heads right now, even as we speak???

    I hope that the Watchtower Corporation higher-ups are so arrogant that they continue to make flagrantly destructive statements in their literature...

    I also hope that they are forced to retain some measure of transparency, as I feel that "secret" Watchtower magazines for the "Rank & File" would be a tad more difficult to obtain... "Secret" publications would perhaps make the Watchtower Corporation's actions more interesting to police departments and investigative branches of government who are watching religious extremist groups...

    I'm lazy... I like being able to obtain the Watchtowerâ„¢ and Awakeâ„¢ via pdf. I don't want to have to actually GO to a Kingdom Hall to get one...!!

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    still thinking

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  • still thinking
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    Didn't I start a "Moral Orel" thread around here, someplace...??

    Aha! Here it is!!


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    If apostates are "mentally diseased" then they would not really be responsible for their actions, right?

  • cedars

    notjustyet - is this your way of trying to admit to doing something horrendous?!

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    How DARE YOU not post on topic.

    I'm informing the moderators at once.


    The thread cop.

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