Has Gambling Become A Conscience Issue Among JWs?

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  • MrFreeze

    My mom always said "as long as you don't win, it's not gambling".

  • lostandconfused

    NVR2L8 - Haha what a cool story...I think anyone in their right mind would accept that money!! I wish I would get that lucky with my lotto tickets!

  • FreeAtLast1914

    After checking the Flock book, you guys were right, there is the loophole of allowing "petty gambling solely for entertainment." Wow! Of course, the gray area here can be interpreted widely, so I'm guessing casino-going JWs would have to hope for a liberal elder body in their congregation. Not my problem anymore, but interesting stuff. That is definitely a change from my growing up as a JW.

    Great. Gambling down, 156 changes to go until they become a mainstream religion!

  • Praise YaHuWaH
    Praise YaHuWaH

    I would suggest that the Governing Body of Popes decision to take hard earned money by Jehovah's Witnesses and "investing" it in stocks is NO different than risking it in a well educated and well played Poker players hands... Especially in the local markets in recent months...

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    NVR2L8 - that is crazy!!! Believe me, if one of the GB found a lotto ticket for 50k, they would sure as hell keep it!

  • shopaholic

    I know a JW that bought into a lotto pool with some co-workers. They won a few million in total but she didn't participate in the press conference. After taxes it was still a healthy amount for each of them and it eventually came out that she won the lottery. She kept the money, got disfellowshipped and was reinstated a year later and later transferred to a new congregation. As far as I know she is still in.

    I have a feeling it would have been different if she won $50 from a scratcher ticket.

  • NewChapter

    Someone close to me gambled some. He went to an elder who told him that's as far as it needed to go. The issue was making it a "practice". Not sure how they would define that, but I'm sure it would vary from congregation to congregation. The 2 agreed that he would gamble no more, and if he did, another elder would need to be involved and possibly a JC. This person had a gambling problem and had "slipped" a few times. Their concern seemed to be that it didn't become a life style again.

    Clear as mud?


  • Quarterback

    If a person got DF'd for that, I would hope that the WT society wouldn't benefit from the proceeds, or interest earned from those winnings.

  • Dagney

    Wow...I didn't know they eased up on gambling in the new Flock book. Good to know.

    Been on several cruises where JW's gambled...joking it was "international waters."

  • designs


    Remember Monaco

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