Do you think Witnesses would drink the "Cool-Aid" if told to do Jonestown?

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  • Greybeard

    I have not read every point here but will say this...

    I cannot see anything like this happening but that is not the question. The question is, would they do it if told to. My opinion is the society is very capable of twisting the scriptures to say whatever they want. They are probably better at mind control and cult tactics than Jim Johns himself. If they were to say we have "new light" and view Christ Jesus sacrifice as a suicide than they could accomplish this. They could figure out a way if they were that demented but thankfully, I don't see them ever doing something this evil. I tend to think they really believe they are Gods chosen channel and they are doing good in all the earth.

    The truth is, most hardcore JW's will do whatever the borg tells them to do. That is the program in place right now.

  • NewChapter

    But how new is the new light? How outside their understanding. To address Mad Sweeney's point---yes they can easily be pressured into auxilary pioneering with a few months prep. But is it really just a few months? they are constantly pressured to do more in service, so it's not that big a jump to commit to some extra hours. THIS would be asking them to change all of their values---all of their understanding---of both themselves and their god. This isn't a small shift----this isn't a redefinition of generation. They are prepared for that kind of thing.

    To call on them for suicide/murder would COMPLETELY change the game. It would not be something that could be brushed off as new light. Look, at my most zealous, I would never have considered such a thing---nor would anyone I knew. I knew a sister that had a car accident, and she cried for days on pins and needles until she learned the other driver would be okay. Nothing could console her. The idea of incurring bloodguilt was so abhorrent to her, she could barely think.

    Metaphorical death--shunning---is so far removed from real death. Yes, they believe the wicked will die---but they have always believed that would come from their god, NOT them. Are there unstable ones that would drink without question---of course. That is true of any group. Would there be mass suicide? Absolutely not.

    We were all JW's once. We all love JW's. I think we do know that this is outside their capability. There could be a shift---sure. But there is no indication that is happening.

    Culling? Not a new concept. Take 1975. When I was new, I was told that 1975 worked as a type of culling. What did it mean? It meant that those that were in for the "wrong" reasons walked. It was a cleansing---not murder---not suicide.

    Look we are dealing with a brutal, hateful, murderous god here. The language reflects that---but the people aren't on the edge of murder/suicide. Not even close.



    The WBT$ preps JW`s to Die from Lack of Blood Transfusions..

    It`s repeated to them Constantly..

    The WBT$ could just as easily prep JW`s to die from Kool-Aid..

    The "New System" is No Longer just Around the Corner..

    The "New System" is just a..

    Glass of Kool-Aid Away!..


  • Resistance is Futile
    Resistance is Futile

    I think the real problem would be that JW's have been trained to not partake for so long that it would be a force of habit to just pass the Kool-Aid.

    Maybe only the Anointed will get to drink the Kool-Aid and the great crowd will somehow benefit indirectly from their sacrifice.

  • blondie

    The thing here is to look at the history of Jim Jones group. He gradually weeded out the naysayers, those that had doubts, that started questioning. Many of his group stayed behind and did not go to Guyana. The WTS would have to do the same thing, using the tactics that New Chapter illustrated. I saw a documentary, excellent one, that took this step by step. I saw right away that it would take stronger tactics by the WTS to do the same.

    We would look around the KH and imagine that it would only take 3 brothers to chain the 2 side doors and the front door and have automatic weapons to keep us in and slaughter us. It would take only 3 men to kill us all, only 3 true believers.

  • Violia
    Metaphorical death--shunning---is so far removed from real death. Yes, they believe the wicked will die---but they have always believed that would come from their god, NOT them. Are there unstable ones that would drink without question---of course. That is true of any group. Would there be mass suicide? Absolutely not

    I would have said this at one time but the org has moved away from being all about Jehovah and Jesus Christ to all about obeying the ORG and the FDS, do not question them- even if we think they are wrong.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Three words:




    A majority of ANY group can be influenced to drink the kool-aid. No one is saying the JWs are going to or even suggesting it is remotely likely. The question is whether a significant number of JWs WOULD if the circumstances were right. The answer is YES, a significant number of ANY GROUP would if the circumstances were right.

    I'm sure the family and friends of the Jonestown victims thought they'd never do such a thing, too.

  • jam

    Which group is closer to JW,s

    Islamic fundamentalism or the extremist??

    There is only verse in the Qur'an that related to suicide,

    "O you who beleive! Do not consume your wealth in the wrong

    way-rather through trade mutually agreed to, and do not kill

    yourselves. Surely God is Merciful toward you. Muhammad,

    includes many unambiguous statements about suicide: one

    who throws himself off a mountain" or"drinks poison" or kills

    himself with a sharp instrument" will be in the fire of Hell.

    OK very clear, right. There are some Muslims who engaged

    in suicidal military missions. New light, in the Qur'an it cite

    passages that promise paradise to those who die"struggling

    in the way of God". They see what they are doing as active

    armed struggle in defense of Islam. Their death is viewed

    as martydom NOT suicide.

  • Nickolas

    Given the number of fake Jehovah's Witnesses who attend the Kingdom Halls for appearances sake but who no longer buy into the company line (and who come onto boards like this one to blow the whistle) I think we might get wind of something like this.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Gosh, this is a really great question that I have thought about...
    Honestly, I think ( or at least would like to believe) my wife and her family are 'independent thinkers' enough that they would not. But I would think you would get 50% automatically. Maybe 60% at best. I think at least 40% are weak/smart enough to bail if asked to literally drink the kool aid.

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