Are we all still FAMILY? Yes or No?

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  • Greybeard


    I am happy to see all the warm replies.

    Sense my fade I have felt much closer to what I at one time called "worldly" people. They are not the "evil" people I was programed to believe. I have noticed their are many who feel the way we do such as x-mormons and x-catholics. To me it seams x-jws have a closer bond but maybe thats just me. IDK...

    I like what Peter said at Acts 10:28, "and he said to them: “YOU well know how unlawful it is for a Jew to join himself to or approach a man of another race; and yet God has shown me I should call no man defiled or unclean."

    If only the Watchtower felt that way!!! Somehow they just over look these kinds of scriptures.

    Another favorite scripture of mine they never quote is Romans 11:32, "For God has shut them all up together in disobedience, that he might show ALL of them mercy."


    1 Corinthians 15:22, "For just as in Adam ALL are dying, so also in the Christ ALL will be made alive."

    That is two strong scriptures you will NOT hear the Watchtower comment much at all on! I wonder why???

    Your brother,


  • Greybeard

    Was that a thread killer?

  • donny

    What part of Tex are you in Greybeard? Message me and let me know as I often return there for family visits.

  • talesin

    GB, You're in Texas?????

    None of my exes live in Texas, but one of my best friends does. He is a Rabbit !!!

    I lurvs ma Texans. :)


  • AGuest
    Shawn Sr stopped taking his meds and shingles popped up.

    Yikes, girl (peace to you!)!!!

    He got to itching so much he went back on his meds and feels better now.

    I'm thinkin' YEAH, already - LOLOL!

    Next time you see him slap him for me. :D

    Absolutely. Tell it's a-comin', so he'd better start mannin'-up for it, now - LOLOLOL!

    so on the whole we're doing great and things are getting better everyday. :D

    WHOO-HOO! That's GREAT! Love to hear it! Take care... and see ya'll when I come up that way!

    Peace... and apologies dear Greybeard (peace to you, as well!) for the deviation...

    SA, on her own...

  • Greybeard

    Where did you get Texas from? I'm not from Texas, I am in California. Sorry

  • finallysomepride

    Aren't Texan's only a river away from being Mexicans?

  • donny

    Where did you get Texas from? I'm not from Texas, I am in California. Sorry

    So am I. LOL

  • Giordano

    I've been out for forty plus years but this is the only place I understand what everyone is saying and what they are feeling.

    Family maybe, friends yes.

  • Glander

    I write this through tears in my eyes. Yes, we have all shared a common experience that no outsider can really comprehend. We are family. I want to get to know all of you well enough to borrow money from. No interest, vague terms and complete sincererity.

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