Two & A Half Men - Without Charlie

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  • lostandconfused

    I love 2 and a half men...but Kutcher seems like he is exactly the same as his "That 70's show" days...bring Charlie back!!

  • yourmomma

    Im not going to spoil it for those who havent seen it yet, but they way in which they write off Sheen in the show is a low blow, imo. I mean, I was almost expecting them to be like "oh, and we found these pictures in his room of underage children". lol

    Sheen is an out of control nut, dont get my wrong, but he was not the only asshole in this whole thing. That was made clear by the way the exiting of his character was written, imo.

    I wish someone would have taken the high road. So im pretty much turned off to the show and am going to move on.

  • mrsjones5

    Actually the funeral scene was quite similar to a daydream Charlie had during a friend's funeral. The only difference was Alan wasn't quite as gushy about inheriting Charlie's house.

    Baring in mind how Charlie Sheen left and how much of a lovable douchbag his character was is it really realistic to expect the explanation of his demise to be that highbrow, I mean really?


    I knew Rose was going to Kill Charlie..

    I Just Knew It!!

    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • shamus100

    Oh, so they killed Charlie?

    That's good. He's as good as dead till he gets off the drugs and gets some help. It's only a matter of time for that guy.

    What a waste of a life.

  • Bella15

    I am a fan of this show too. I have not been able to watch the new season yet. I have been watching Comedy Central Roasting of CSheen thou.

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    What a waste of a life.

    for what i know, he didn't waste a single minute of his life.

    i haven't seen it and am not really interested in it. two and a half man was only about charlie sheen. they could have at least renamed the show. to three half men or something like that.

  • shepherd

    I thought they did a good job with the script and I will not be abandoning the show just yet. I also enjoyed watching the roast of Charlie Sheen.

    Charlie did not write his own lines, btw, for those who comment about Ashton's writing skills :)

  • mummatron

    I knew Rose was going to Kill Charlie..

    I Just Knew It!!


    I am trapped in the UK (I actually am since my passport expired LOL). We won't get to see it for a little while. I may have to scour the Internet to er, accidentally, catch a glimpse. Ashton Kutcher is, IMO, a lot easier on the eye than Charlie but I doubt he has as much on-screen charisma as the lothario himself....not to mention Charlie & Alan's comic pairing dating back to Hot Shots. That's a tough one to beat, Mr Demi Moore!

  • mrsjones5

    You mean Charlie and Jon Cryer, right?

    <-----Big Jon Cryer fan here since Pretty in Pink.

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