Two & A Half Men - Without Charlie

by finallysomepride 32 Replies latest social entertainment

  • watson

    Do you think the "Kutcher" in the hot tub with the hookers story is a publicity stunt?? Maybe give him the "asshole" look? Seems so Charlie-Like.

  • designs

    Is Kutcher playing Charlie in real life.

  • LV101

    Kutcher is gorgeous and only has to breathe to have the babes so he'd have to make no effort --- no hustling, money or anything else --- they can't show enough of him on show for me BUT it will never be the same w/out the degenerate charlie sheen. read ratings are plummeting so it definitely needs the sleeze of sheen and script can never be the same. As noted above, Kutcher is EZ on the eyes compared to looking at sheen (or Alan --- he's really hard on the eyes and all they show is him).

    kutcher needs about 15 relationships going on simultaneously to arouse or something for ratings. Men are turning/flipping the channel (because there's no bad boy stuff?).

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