"Satan's Star" Re-examined

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  • JWStruggle

    I put on my blog recently an article reviewing the evidence regarding whether the Star of Bethlehem was guided by God or Satan. As we are well aware, this is a "pet point" of the Witnesses and assists the WT viewpoint with regard to Christmas and all things "pagan".


    Feedback is appreciated, and hopefully it will help some Witnesses to see that there is more than "one side" to these Biblical issues.



  • cantleave

    It wasn't guided by anyone, it is part of a popular mythology.

  • tenyearsafter

    I did a post a while back on the Star of Bethlehem video you might find interesting:


  • Awen

    @ JW struggle. You make some very good point here and totally demolish the WTS teachings on the "star".

  • Greybeard

    @ Cantleave

    Its a Myth that you can't leave the Borg... You can ;)

    I think Mythbusters should do a show on that! But then... One of them would need to become a dub!


  • AwareBeing

    JW Struggle; nice blog post! Our family decided as much a year ago.

    It's the main road going through Herod's city that then leads to Bethlehem; not the star!

    The shepherds saw the star, and the angels sang and danced around it.

    The early christian writers, Jesus apostle's students, called it a holy star!

    So it looks like the WT's teaching is out voted by the facts. PS: For more about, Jesus apostle's students;

    please see: http://revelatoryawakening.wordpress.com/disciples-meeting-found-page-4/

  • Diest

    I prefer Viking myths to Middle Eastern ones....more testosterone.

  • JWStruggle

    @tenyearafter - Thanks- I'll look at it!

    @Awarebeing - your comments are appreciated. Truth is truth, no matter how painful it may be to give up a cherished belief. I think I read that in a magazine once...

    @Cantleave & @Diest - If you want to believe in evolution and have little respect for others that believe in the Bible, that is YOUR BUSINESS.

    I promise I will NOT pray for you! But why not go and make a post about your viewpoints and your faith in evolution? I also promise that I will not post on your thread something that is not related to your topic.

    To those of us that have left the WT (like yourselves) but still believe in the Bible, this is an important subject TO US.

    Since this thread is about the "star" spoken of in Matthew chapter 2, if you have something of substance or forethought to share that is welcomed. Snide comments about something you personally don't believe in is a way to derail a topic, and we all get annoyed when someone does that, no matter who they are.

  • erbie

    I personally do not believe it was guided by Satan. Otherwise, why were the Magi received with hospitality and allowed to offer gifts to Jesus.

    I think it contains an important message to be tollerant of other beliefs as the Magi were astrologers and would be treated with disdain by The Watchtower brotherhood.

    I see it as the crossover from old testement bigotry to new testement tolerence (if indeed there can be such a thing).

    Furthermore, I love Christmas. Oh, and picnics, I love picnics. But not at Christmas time.

  • BluesBrother

    "The wise men brought very expensive gifts to the young child Jesus. These gifts were worth enough to finance the stay in Egypt of God’s Son. These men brought a financial provision for Jesus in direct line with Jehovah’s will. "

    I had never thought of that, for sure.

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