"Satan's Star" Re-examined

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    The "star" was said to have "stood above" where Jesus was, after they followed it.

    Think a little about this - and I'm not joking - what is a synonym for "stood above", as motionless in the sky?

    Hover! The "star" HOVERED above Jesus' location. And the "star"? A star to these primitive observers was any glowing point of light in the sky.

    So, Jesus position was identified by a glowing UFO in the night sky, that hovered above him.

    Now, whatever you might think about UFO's - and whatever they are, it is nevertheless a fact that people see them and sometimes plot or track or follow them. We have a politically correct storyline given to us by modern academics, who ignore present phenomena and thereby distort the account.

    Let's throw in one more observation: the Jewish religion and people were led and guided by a hovering light in the sky, during the Exodus - "a pillar of fire".

    Are you seeing a pattern here? Enough to speculate on what's going on here?


  • RayPublisher

    OR it could have something to do with God...if you believe in that sort of thing in this day and age, lol.

    BTW I just watched "The Star of Bethlehem" and it was very interesting. The host uses astronomy software to track the stars and planets back in 2 and 3 B.C. and makes a strong argument that Jupiter (a very bright "star" that can be seen with the naked eye) actually rose and then reversed course, which is a retrograde, from the point of view of the Magi right at that time in history. I'm not completely sold, but it did make a good point.

  • ShadesofGrey

    I found this article a while ago and posted a link to it on another site. Thank you for providing this information. It means a lot to me when I find something that backs up Christianity instead of the JW view.

    Your sister in Christ, SOG

  • RayPublisher

    SOG - Thank you- you are sweet Sis I wish I could manufacture a few thousand more of you lol...

    Oh wait- the WT is doing that for me more and more lately with all the hate speech! The sleepers are waking up...

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