Higher Education and Disqualification for Privileges in the Congregation

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    White Dove

    I have yet to see anyone earn beyond a normal living wage by getting a college degree.

    Not in this economy.

  • Hairyhegoat

    White Dove you are so correct. My cousins all went to university and collage in the UK, but most are unempolyed drop outs or work in KFC..

    No skilled jobs left in the UK.. We are moving to Australia ASAP the UK is finished..


  • Sayswho
    I have yet to see anyone earn beyond a normal living wage by getting a college degree.
    Not in this economy.

    • SO am I reading correctly between your lines....and should not get a education for when the job market does improve?

    • What's a normal living wage???

    I would just like to expand my knowledge! Thanks in advance for the info :)


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  • Violia
    Could you please post this for me to the Re: Higher Education and Disqualification for Privileges in the Congregation thread. For some reason I am getting nothing but blank posts today!
    oodad asked me to post this for him since he is posting blank post
    When I was still serving as an elder in the summer of 2006 in a congregation in SoCal we received a letter from the "Christian Congregation of JWs" directing that ANYONE pursuing a higher education would be disqualified from any privileges of service: Elder, MS, Pioneer, etc.

    I remember this distinctly because I had just received a B.A. in Education only a few months before in June of that year. In 2002, I had decided to go back to college and get a degree under the Society's then current "It's a personal decision" policy.

    I was, needless to say, quite shocked at their sudden and drastic policy change that was made without any explanation or justification. I was also angry at the implication made that I (and of course anyone else that had pursued such a course) had shown a lack of faith in Jehovah and his organization by such a choice and that I was therefore a bad example!

    I had already been having major issues with the organization for several years and this was one of the final straws. I was completely outraged by the realization that, had this letter come just a few months earlier, I would have been forced to make a decision to either quit school or resign as an elder, simply because these capricious, insensitive men that claim to be God's Representatives on earth can't make up their mind!

    I did not keep a copy of this letter. Does anyone have a copy? It should have been around early Fall of 2006, but it could possibly have been 2007 because I received my credential then and might be confusing the awarding of my degree with the credential.
  • inbetween

    One of my biggest problems with the org, was so happy when a more reasonable approach came in the 90`s , then a back peddling a few years ago.

    We have a few students and some academics in our hall, so its no big deal here anyway, despite the official pressure on those pursuing higher education.

    Of course, when the Co comes, he being a full company men, comes down hard on higher education, especially during the elder/ms meetings, made me want to scream !!! Who knows, next time I might.....

  • dozy

    I don't recall a specific letter - I was an elder during that period. But it was certainly discussed during COs visits. I remember one elder who has 2 chidren who he was putting through uni squirming very uncomfortably in his seat while the CO was going through the societies outline. (He is still an elder.)

    Like others have said , there are no cut & dried processes to remove an existing elder. The old adage "once an elder , always an elder" still proves true. Most bodies will generally give an elder a large degree of "wiggle room" & try to keep them on board - reducing their duties , giving them a break. The kind of elder (ie middle class , reasonably competent) who is interested in putting kids through uni is usually an asset to the Org & would often have good contacts , so I don't think most bodies would be rushing to delete him.

    Bear in mind as well that deleting an elder simply increases the duties on the other elders who often already have enough on their plate. We had one school overseer who did very little in the "truth" , had a bit of a drink problem , very little visible ministry , his teenage children were quite wild & leading double lives etc. But frankly - no other elder wanted to take the school - so nobody bothered about giving him any hassle.

    The real disgrace regarding the WTBTS view of higher education is the effect in 3rd world countries where a reasonable education is often the difference between absolute poverty & some sort of decent job. I know one JW missionary in Kenya who told me that higher education could mean the difference between a young JW sister being a nurse or forced into prostitution and dying a miserable death from AIDS. As ever , the WTBTS is looking at these issues purely from an American standpoint & hasn't thought through the implications of this ridiculous , completely unscriptural dogma on their worldwide followers.

  • MrMonroe

    Is that not, a "COMMANDMENT OF MEN" pure and simple? (Isaiah 28:13; Matthew 15:9) Something Jesus counseled against and to be avoided by pure worship, at all cost.

    These are clearly "rules" made by men (GB), not by God.

    I don't know why JWs can't see this. Its right in front of their faces!

    JanetB, you're correct. An elder told me once how the CO had a meeting with the elders and told them that any elder who had a DFd family member living under their roof could not remain as an appointed man. He stood down because, though no one in the congregation knew, his DFd son was back living in a granny flat downstairs. Just another rule from dogmatic old bastards who sit round mahogany tables in Brooklyn and figure out how they can make life even harder by setting the bar even higher. It's a mindless pursuit of self-righteousness.

  • cantleave
    I have yet to see anyone earn beyond a normal living wage by getting a college degree.
    Not in this economy

    There maybe some truth in that, I am a graduate and although not on a higher earner income bracket, I live comfortably. I have a cushy job, with little pressure and great work life balance.

    Also when I have been made redundant I am never short of job offers. I don't have the mental fortitude to take on a high pressure senior executive role, and am too lazy to do manual work. My degree enables me to do the perfect job for me.

    Without my degree I would be working very long hours in a crappy job to earn what I earn now.

  • avesta

    its all the same the ones at the top always take care of themselves bullying and lording it over the flock

    and if your face dont fit they make your life hell.

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