Higher Education and Disqualification for Privileges in the Congregation

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  • Gayle

    so sounds like another "don't ask, and don't tell" sort of thing.

  • inbetween

    they don't directly say, college education is wrong, and someone will loose their privilege.

    They beat around the bush, but in the same time, create an athmosphere, were any higher education is viewed as suspicious. Its a way of subtle pressure to prevent brothers from pursuing higher education.

    They are really masters of mind control, aren't they ?

  • 00DAD

    Several ex-Elders have commented on the letter I previously mentioned circa Fall 2006. It seems that, while many recall it, we have differing recollections as to what exactly it said regarding Higher Education and Privileges.

    As I mentioned, I recall it being fairly straightforward (in typical WT insinuating fashion ... if you can call that straightforward).

    Does anybody have a copy of it?


  • MrDarkKnight

    The new elders manual state that an elders qualifications MAY be called into question if their children get a university education.

    What bothers me the most about the organization is that they have a MULTITUDE of rules, regulations and polices on the things the Bible does not directly condemn or condone. The result is that people cannot think for themselves.

  • luking4change

    I served as an elder in a local congregation in Asia, until last month when I have to give up my privilege as my daughter wanted to go to college to earn a degree. I couldn't deny her the opportunity as I myself finished a higher degree.

    There are a lot of those with privilege with this dilemma. It would take a lot of guts to decide whether to follow the directive or your conscience on this issue. I followed my conscience....

  • stuckinarut2

    I was looking at a university course, and was told specifically by one overrighteous nosey elder:

    "you will lose all responsibilities in the congreation if you do." full stop, end of quote, no reasoning allowed....

  • Splash

    luking4change Nice to have you join us, welcome!

    You had a choice to make and took a sensible and scriptural path - good for you.

    All of these doctrines of men are likely to change again in 5 years anyway, so why disadvantage someone for their entire life just because the current opinion says further education is, for the time being, prohibited.

    The Society see university education as an admission of greed, to them there's no concept of any other reason why we would want to be educated, whether it's purely for our love of a subject, to better enable us to get a job, so we can teach the next generation, or whatever. Greed, that's it.

    But in the ultimate hypocrisy, when she is qualified the Society would snap her and her skills/knowledge up for their own benefit, as they have done with countless others.


  • DesirousOfChange

    Welcome LUKING 4 CHANGE!

    Start a new post and tell us what brought you here.


  • Frazzled UBM
    Frazzled UBM

    Splash - they say it is about greed but it is really about not wanting Witnesses to have crirtical thinking skills, which is why the university educated cannot remain as elders for fear of puluting others with critical thinking.

    Welcome lurking4change and good on you for standing up for your daughter's right to a university education. I get the sense this has helped you to start questioning other WBTS doctrine - good work and keep it up.

  • LongHairGal


    So, you had to give up your "privilege" because your daughter was going to college? (Meanwhile, they are looking for college kids for their bethels.)

    Well, they could take their "privilege" and shove it....Tell me, what do you need with their "privilege" anyway?

    The only privilege I can see is the privilege of being uneducated and semi-literate and having others there with the same problem like you because then they are not jealous of you. They are very jealous and resentful if somebody excells at anything or has anything going for them, education included. This is why they want to hold people back from bettering themselves.

    However, when they can't pay their bills because of holding a minimum wage job and you CAN pay yours because you have university education, what then? Do these jealous fools imagine you should give them something??? Don't they realize how unworthy they are? I would be very rude to them if they ever came near me asking for anything.

    People who criticize others for having college and/or careers have no business targeting them for money.

    This anti-college/career thing of the religion is the stupidest thing I can think of. Will they ever let up on this nonsense?

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