Higher Education and Disqualification for Privileges in the Congregation

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    That should take care of it.

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    breakfast of champions

    The "reviewing of qualifications" for elders and MS whose children or themselves attend college was a major point at the last Elders/MS "school." So far, I haven't heard of anyone being brought to trial over it, but then again, very few witnesses go to school ,period.

    What is the society afraid of? Critical thinking skills-- something that has been emphasized over and over in my few weeks of college experience.

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  • Gayle

    It would interesting to hear any real issues going on about it.

    Of course, since so many elders are old and now have grown children, they wouldn't have that issue. Then, some have younger children that aren't at age for that anyway or no children. So the majority may not have any issue about.

    Then, the ones with a grown child, still at home, may require them to pioneer, while going to a local community school. I have heard to some supporting their daughters while going to school for LPN.

    But it crazy, that anyone now-a-days is going to college to get rich, unless going as a lawyer or doctor. Going to college only gets many into entry level, however,,they still can move on the higher positions if they have a degree but still takes time and experience for higher levels.

    It's so backwards to discourage kids to go on to college if they have an inclination to study and work for something specialized.

  • dontplaceliterature

    This issue is one of the biggest reasons I started having a mistrust of The Governing Body. I heard about this for the first time at the Minsterial School for Elders and Servants back in November of 2010. I joined this forum the following month.

    Now, I'm not sure that I could ever be convinced to remain a Jehovah's Witness for the rest of my life.

  • EmptyInside

    My brother is an elder,and I asked him if this was the case. Can an elder or MS be removed if any of his family attend college? And he said especially if their children attend college away from home,their qualifications would be reviewed. It doesn't necessarily mean they would be removed,but it is up to the rest of the elder body.

    He mentioned the reason being is that an elder can't discourage college on the platform while his children are attending college.

  • Hairyhegoat

    The elders an ms carn't afford not to let their school leaver kids go to collage as they will loose over £3000 in child tax credits and child benefit if they push the kids into full time ministry... Knocking doors won't pay the bills will it. These morons need a kick up the assssssssssssss


  • Gayle

    He mentioned the reason being is that an elder can't discourage college on the platform while his children are attending college.

    I agree. It would make anyone a hyprocrite to preach 'no college' when he has children going to college. Sad, though, they would/could do this when a person is otherwise qualified. But elder's cannot have their own personal conscience, even if it squelches their own children to have a better job in life.

  • Hairyhegoat

    I think this will mean less elders and ms, great news if you think about it..Time for a rebellion in the Kingdum hells.. Yeh bring it on.. The groverling botty have shot themselves in the ass with this one. If I was still in and was told my kids should not go into higher education by the elders.. the police would have to be called and an ambulance aswell. WHO do these morons in crookly think they are? If you are still in rebel against this crap, or better still tell the elders to shove the truth up their ass and get out of the cult.. and take as many with you as you can..


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