Higher Education and Disqualification for Privileges in the Congregation

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  • Crazyguy

    Its obvious they want the rank and file stupid so there easily led. People with higher education also have better critical thinking ability.

  • Oubliette

    Luking4change, welcome! And thanks for resurrecting this important thread.

  • Oubliette

    stuckinarut2: I was looking at a university course, and was told specifically by one overrighteous nosey elder: "you will lose all responsibilities in the congreation if you do."

    Shepherding by bullying. How typical. I hope you get out of your rut soon!

  • Quendi

    As LongHairGal correctly points out, the only time higher education is of use to the WTS hierarchy is when it needs people possessing it to further its own ends and agenda. The hypocrisy of this cult's leaders knows no bounds, but what is even more distressing to me is the fact that the rank-and-file go along with actions that are clearly against their better interests. The Goerning Body knows this and definitely counts on it.


  • luking4change

    I remember in the 90's when I joined JW and it is already being said to avoid college degree. I knew some families who strictly never allowed their children to go to college. After a while, when it was clarified that it is a personal decision to do so, these families started sending their children to college. A few years ago, during school for congregation elders session, it was again emphasized that if you send your children to college, you will be disqualified as elder. A number of elders in our circuit started to question the policy, I did not openly question it but I already made my decision to step down as elder when time comes that my only daughter would go to college. I thinkk there were still a lot more with the same dilemma. A fellow elder wanted to do the same as I did, he's still gathering enough strenght I guess

  • snare&racket

    Best desicion you will make this year !

    I graduate after 6 years of university next week and it has been the best thing I have ever done. The WT could not have beeen more wrong about higher education and its value. I also was a JW in the 90's where we had circuit assemblies that outright mocked higher education. I knew one boy that went to university and he got baptised the weekend before he left for uni, that circuit assembly was full of anti university talks, poor guy.,

    Knowing now that the WT are being so untruthful about how successful it is and how rewarding it is, whilst ramping up lies about the 'dangers' of higher education (I haven't seen the sodom & g they described all my youth, in 6 yrs.....i looked real hard though lol). It left me realising they simply recognise that high education leads to higher thinking, demanding higher answers, wanting higher evidence and seeking higher authority for answers than 8 unknown men who declare themselves gods spokesman on earth.........whilst denouncing education!

    I am happy and excited for your daughter, truly I am, it is my favourite thing to read on this forum, people seeking higher ed, because it is so positively life changing for a JW.

    Snare x

    p.s. Well done for being so brave.

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