I am officially sick of hearing the WBT$'s brand name for god = Jehovah!

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  • punkofnice

    It's that simple. I'm sick up to here (guestures to above head), of hearing the dubs trot out their brand name for their imaginary sky friend who is so loving they're petrified he'll murder them SOON!!!!!

    The other week I heard a conversation between 2 dubs that ended with the cliche: 'Jehovah will sort it out!' Other dub: 'Oh, yes. He certainly will!'

    I keep hearing 'Jehovah this' & 'Jehovah that'..........he isn't even bladdy real!!!

    'Jehovah' is no more than the 'brand name' the WBT$ has given to their imaginary psychotic sky friend.

    No disrespect intended to any deity real or unreal but I am TOTALLY SICK OF HEARING THE WBT$ BRAND NAME FOR GOD = 'JEHOVAH' (tm). TOTALLY SICK! Is it just me? What's wrong with me!!!!!!!!

  • sizemik

    I think most XJW's get nauseated by it's over-use Unky . . . I certainly do.

    Although it doesn't figure much in the consciousness of the general public . . . the name carries a less than favourable response with most people who know the slightest bit about this religion . . . my extended family who have had next to nothing to do with them, can't stand the name either.

    It strikes the same negative chord as words like "moonies" or "scientologists" . . . which is where it belongs.

  • punkofnice

    sizemik - Interesting that even non dubs vomit at the continued over use of the WBT$ brand name for god! To me it's another example of how superstitious some dubs really are!

  • TimothyT

    Yeh interesting point.

    My dad always says that it grated on him when brothers used to say... "and we have such a good repuation in the ministry! We uphold Jehovahs name!"

    WHAT REPUTUTATION???? People generaly dont like JWs. They see them as pests, who want to change your religion, and wont give your kids blood if they need it, and all negativity gets placed on Almighty God. If anything they have brought the name into disrepute. Is that a good thing???? MMMMMMMMMMMM....

    I still dont think i fully understand who God is, but I DO believe that Jehovahs Witnesses place too much emphasis on him and not enough on Jesus Christ.

    Timmy xxx

  • punkofnice

    Timmy T - Agreed. It's all to detract from Jesus and refract to the GB.

    .......and whilst I'm venting.....................

    The next dub that talks about something being 'A shout of praise to...' you know who, will get a bucket full of ice cubes tipped down the front of their vest!!

  • TimothyT

    You really dislike the organisation dont you? Sometimes i get really frustrated because of the friends that i used to have who now shun me in the streets and want little to do with me. I also feel for the thousands, possibly millions, of brothers and sisters who like me had to suffer with feelings of guilt and fear. Even if they had to leave the org to imrpove their own mental health they would be shunned by friends and family who they would so desperatly need at such times. It is mainly for these two reasons that i would like to see an end to this unloving and unchristian organisation. Liberate the people!

    Timmy xxx

  • LongHairGal


    I know what you mean and I don't necessarily have a problem IF that is God's name. I do question the necessity for anybody to go around saying it over and over again like it was a magic charm.

    As far as I am concerned, the religion hijacked that name. He didn't swoop down from the sky and give it to them. They simply adopted it and because they bear this "magic" name, they think he must be backing them. Right? If he hasn't wiped them off the face of the earth yet then they must be doing good. Right?

    This is what most JWs think and is the primary reason they will not leave the religion, no matter how wrong things are. They seem to think HE will step in and correct things. This why they love the phrase: "wait on Jehovah". It absolves them of any responsibility to do anything, change anything (no matter how bad) or even to think.

  • NewChapter

    Awwww Punky---May Jehovah open your heart soon! May Jehovah show you the truth and give you a reason to live. Jehovah will work it out for you. You just have to lean on Jehovah. Throw all your burdens on Jehovah, and the way will be clear! Jehovah blesses the wicked along with the righteous! You got rain don't cha? Just leave it in Jehovah's capable hands. Where your arm comes up short, Jehovah will lengthen it. Take it to Jehovah in prayer!!!

    And if you don't---may Jehovah slaughter you and turn you into bird food.

  • WTWizard

    Jehovah: The Baghead, the Almighty Lowlife Scumbag. Never does he do anything worth while--yet he extorts much from you. For sure, he is not worth serving or praising.

  • sizemik
    You really dislike the organisation dont you?

    I think you've nailed it there Timmy . . . it's knowing that a good number of these fellows at the top probably doubt their own BS . . . others are so busy with their "corporate" interests that they hardly think about it. Ray Franz's book C of C describes it quite well . . . the GB meetings were business meetings primarily. These ones keep good people captive to an illusion which will ultimately bring them disappointment and no end of life problems along the way with their tight control and stupid teachings. Then you read the cynical attacks on past members in their lit. They make themselves pretty unlikeable.

    Then when you here the mind-controlled victims spouting their bullshit . . . Jehovah this, Jehovah that, Jehovah the other . . . it stirs the contempt for the architects of this human exploitation to new heights. The name has been given the negative connotation by them . . . not us.

    NC . . . that's hilarious.

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