What can I do when I feel i can't keep going....

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  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Looking for a new doctor is a huge step!...well done!

    nothing wrong with crying....very theraputic...don't underestimate the value of a good cry

    Keep us up do date on how you are getting on

    here's another hug...just for you...

  • talesin

    free! crying is okay,,, it can make you feel so much better, and can tire you out and help you sleep ...

    love you !!

    you'll make it, I know ...



  • Cadellin

    Hang in there! Oh, and don't feel guilty b/c you don't have the mojo to exercise--just take one step at a time. Actively looking for a good doctor is a hugely important one!

  • ekruks

    Re: still thinking - sorry, I haven't logged on here for a while - felt too depressed to face all this - appreciate the hugs

    Re: Free! " i need human interaction.... like i said i feel like life is passing me by"

    That's pretty much how I feel - I want some kind of meaning to my life; I lost that when pioneering and pursuing the Kingdom became really empty, though it always sort of had been, because I kept wondering what would be the purpose of life once we get into the new world.

    I don't know what life is about, but I feel like I'm wasting whatever short bit of it I have left. I just want to be settled down with a nice girl and some kids, like I see most people my age are doing - and, no, it's not simply that I want some fun in bed, though I admit I feel pathetic to be middle-aged and never even done anything such as taken a girl to the cinema (rather frowned upon in congs I've been; that dark cinema room is temptation!) - but really, I just would like the company, even just for some other guys to hang around with and at the least talk to, like I see on programs such as Friends, or Big Bang Theory - though maybe life isn't really like that.

    Some brothers are a bit friendly, but it's always so influenced by Bible stuff; the local bros are just out knocking doors or avoiding me for my worldliness. Potential list of friends is rather narrowed down by the requirement they are to be JWs or that I just duno any worldly people anyway or understand them, and well, when you have such a small group, it just takes a few cliques to form, or some judgementalness, and finding someone similar to hit it off with, well, unlikely - not much happens socially amongst brothers here anyway - maybe it's different in the USA.

    End up watching way too much TV (and usually, alone!!), going for walks (alone!!), studying books/websites/etc. to make up for not having completed my education (because I was convinced to be a pioneer), or just working (alone!!) when I should be hanging out with people - it's not healthy - I really feel like I'm in a prison and there is a whole world out there I can't get to.

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