What can I do when I feel i can't keep going....

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  • Free!!

    I have been having an awful week/month/year/life and I just feel like I can not move forward anymore... is like life is passing me by and i am just observing from the side lines.... i am so tired, i just want to sleep and never wake up....

    Has anyone felt like this? what did you do?.... i tried therapy (twice) an it did not work, i tried volunteering and surrounding myself with other people and things to do, and it works until i have to come home, then that feeling of emptiness returns....

    i am so tired... i do not know what else to do....

  • HintOfLime

    One thing I learned was to just be honest with myself. What do I really like? What do I "like" out of old habit, or because other people I know like it or expect me to like it? What do I want to try - but have never tried? Etc.

    Who do you want to be? What do you really like to do?

    There were times in my life that I has become so.. functional - successful in maintaining boring "pays the bills" routine, but not happy - that it took me quite a while (months, years) to fully realize and re-connect with my inhibited/restrained/abandoned personal interests. (And that wasn't just because of being a JW - though that played a part, for sure).

    I would suggest you try council again - sometimes finding the right councillor is everything... and then just go for it - look for yourself.

    - Lime

  • EmptyInside

    Hi Free,

    I've felt that way a lot,feeling like I'm in a serious rut.

    I try to take one day at a time,and try not to be overwhelmed at all I want to accomplish.

    Sometimes,it's nice to have a change of scene,even if,it's just going for a walk,or going to a movie during the week.

    It's good to reflect on the positive things in our life,that we may take for granted.

    Also,it's important to take care of ourselves physically,like getting enough rest and exercise. I know that sounds too simplistic,but it's amazing what a good night's sleep will do for you.

    But,know,you're not alone,we all go through times like this,but it does pass. I'm sure others will have some good suggestions for you too.

    And if you are severely depressed,it is important to see a doctor.

  • fallen_princess

    hey, Mami. so sorry you are not feeling bright and shiny today. I tend to agree with the above posters and I think you are stressing too much about being alone. Talk to somebody new. A woman, like I told you. And you are gonna be close to family now so surround yourself with those who inherently love you.

    Besito xx

  • jamiebowers

    Check with your doctor to see if you have clinical depression. If you do, get treated for it.

  • Free!!

    I went to the doctor twice about it... nothing... i think i need actual medicine for this... is horrible!!!

    I want to get out of thi hole... i am going crazy i want to scream... i want to end it all!! i am tire.. sorry i just needed to vent...

  • transhuman68

    The secret to happiness is... good food & good sex. You are in charge of your own happiness- break all the rules and get what you want. Does this help?

    Can't think of anything else...

    And a cat... but I guess you already have a cat.

  • talesin

    First off, it's okay to sleep if you need to .. if you are not physically unable, though, get out for a walk at least 5 minutes a day. Five minutes.

    Make a list of people that would miss you if you weren't here. It could be your best friend, or the person who gives you coffee every morning, or the bus driver who picks you up for work every day.

    Let that sink in,,, the small, but happy exchanges you have every day. You don't have a pet? get one.

    Do something nice for yourself once a week ... buy a chocolate bar, go to the neighbourhood pub and get fish'n'chips and watch the soccer game, have a walk and take some pics, have a bath surrounded by candles,,, whatever turns your crank ...

    Volunteer .. no matter how poor, how sick, you can find a volunteer job .. one hour a month, a week, whatever ... you will be amazed at how much it will benefit you.

    Let us know how you're doing.


    * been there * klass

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Maybe you need to try a new doctor...maybe a second opinion would help.

    Have you got any friends you can talk to and share how you feel...sometimes it helps just to share. Or is that part of the problem?

  • ekruks

    I feel like this at the moment.... if it makes you better, I - a grown man - was crying on the sofa earlier. I just go and get busy with work, and try to improve my messy life, or just play music loud. Therapists were never helpful, because they don't know what we have been through, but I did find reading up on psychology, even on the web, to be helpful in understanding what is going on with my mind. It may be worth reading up on depression, passive dissidence, or Stockholm syndrome, and also to understand the weird bullies you met in the faith, read on how a troubled childhood (as many had growing up in the cult, while others had weird lives, drugs, sh1t, before they came into the cult) can cause passive-aggressive disorder, and sociopathy. Just look at it as small steps, day by day, improving things - it gets better.

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