What can I do when I feel i can't keep going....

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  • Free!!

    Thanks for the advice, i think i need motivation to do anything... i have any motivation...

    For company i do have pets, i have 2 dogs that i love w all my heart, but i need human interaction.... like i said i feel like life is passing me by... i gained almost 40 pounds in one year, that's how depressed i am.. :(

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    some for you too ekruks.....

  • sizemik
    Check with your doctor to see if you have clinical depression. If you do, get treated for it.

    Free!! . . . you mention feeling tired. How are your sleep patterns? Insomnia is a classic indicator for a depressive disorder.

    You sound very familiar to how I've felt (and still do occasionally). What helps is remaining convinced that things will get better . . . because it's true, they will. Don't be anxious about things not happening fast enough . . . and becoming too focussed on what tomorrow might bring. Find some little pleasure that helps you relax . . . and then just enjoy it for what it is. Time is a necessary ingredient in the recipe . . . we can't hurry the process unfortunately.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I'm not clinically depressed, so here is what works for me as I take life one day at a time, getting through all these disappointments that have hit me this past 1 1/2 years.

    First, I tell myself that I don't want to feel like this, then summon up the strength within and tell myself that a good life is to be had, and I'm going to have a piece of it.

    Then, I make a plan. I take the most bothersome thing and break it down into parts to be dealt with one at a time. This is with stuff like student loans and things that must be accomplished. One defaulted cuz I'm a dumb ass.

    With grieving, I let it happen and talk about it a lot with whoever I feel cares enough to listen. It helps a lot.

    With family putting on pressure to attend meetings, I drop the subject and let it die.

    Very important to add to your everyday life, no matter what mental condition you find yourself in: EXERCIZE! Become an adrenalin junkie doing what you love to do most (as long as you're physically able).

    Don't feel like doing it (mood-wise)? DO IT ANYWAY!

    Eat well, too.

    Get help for depression, if it just seems that nothing works and hasn't worked for a while.

    I hope that you find what works to help you to feel better.

  • Free!!

    thanks ekruks... i will be checking google for some info.... :)

    Also Talesin, thanks for the ideas, i think the one about making a list of people that would miss me may help... i really do not think many people would... :(

  • talesin

    Learn to meditate --- 3-stage breathing ,,, lungs, diaphragm, and stomach ...

    it can help you calm and focus ...

    also, have you done any drawing/painting/sculpting/writing? Many of us have unexplored / undiscovered artistic talents.


    Explore what you love ---- go to the library!!! Spend hours in the stacks ... read, enjoy ...

    you'll be okay


  • Free!!

    Thanks everyone, i am seriously going to look for a new doctor... i mean this is too much.. i feel so tired, my house is a mess... if it was for me i would just sleep and let myself die... i need help now! and i can't find it...

    I don't want to bother my friends, i know everyone has their own problems and is not fair for me to add to it... is just feeling that everyone has a life and i am loser.... just standing in a little corner by myself... i am terrified of dying alone in this apartment and that no one will notice my absence... i know it sounds dramatic... but when you feel like i do now is the truth.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    we ALL need human interaction...I would start there. Is there anything you are interested in that would get you out and about and interacting with people?

    I know just being around people can be depressing in itself if you are not involved. It can make you feel even more isolated.

    I like the suggestion of little steps...go for a walk...even a 5 min one will clear the air a bit...lift your spirits. If you aim for that for a few days you might find a bit of inspiration to do something else too.

  • still thinking
    still thinking
    I don't want to bother my friends

    You might find that your friends WANT to be bothered...I tend to have this problem. When I am most low...I isolate myself...and tell myself exactly that...I don't want to bother people...

    When I finally do talk to my friends...they usually get angry with me for not talking to them sooner...I still have a bad habbit of thinking like this and have to remind myself that I care about my friends and would happily listen to their problems for as much as they need to talk. And they would do the same for me.

  • fallen_princess

    excuse me... for the record... I would miss you deeply. you share my blood and I love you.

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