I went to my first Hypnotist show last night. I was amazed at how much it was like JW’s

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    OK I was a born in and never watched or touched anything to do with hypnotist's as we are told to avoid them at all costs and I always followed all the rules to the letter.

    So yesterday we have the county fair going on and they have this hypnotist show so I went to it. The hypnotist called up about 15 people on stage and tried to put them under. About five of them he just could not put them under so that left about ten people on stage.

    Of those ten the hypnotist could do almost anything to them, it looked like it was staged expect one of the young women had been sitting right by me and her friends were right next to me, so it did seem legit.

    The hypnotist had them fall asleep and when they were in that state he would tell them that when they woke up they would react to key words he had said to them or when he touched his face a cretin way.

    It sort of freaked me out because it was like how I was in the religion. When I would go to an assembly I could not stay awake to save my life. I would be so out of it that I would almost fall out of my seat. I was always so embarrassed, I tried to take notes even chew gum though I know it was banned but nothing worked until I realized it was not the truth. I always wondered what was wrong with me as I truly wanted to stay awake and listen, I would be so mad at myself for falling asleep, but I was not the only one and that was my saving grace many were the same way I was. Now if I go with my husband I stay awake the whole time. I cannot fall asleep now even if I want to to make the time pass faster. Now I know not all of you were this way but then last night not all of them were in the same level of hypnosis.

    So like I said the hypnotist would tell the person that was under when he or she heard key words or he touched his face they would react in certain ways. Like he told the two young women every time he touched his forehead that they would feel a zap under their chairs, or a couple of young men that they would see a big rat on stage, or it if he said a certain word they would stand up and shout out something he told them to say. Like one young guy was to shout out that there was a Blue Light special at Kmart that everyone needed to know about.

    The more I thought about it the more it has freaked me out. I cannot even begin to count the number of times I have raised my hand at the meetings and have said this is not the real life, we should not try to enjoy our lives now to the full as we will have forever to do that and giving our time NOW to Jehovah by pioneering is the most joy we can have in this world of Satan's. Or all this old life has to offer is at the most is just 70 to eighty years what is that compared to living forever. Or that we are in a life saving work now and being the end is so close we need to not think about ourselves but others and preaching the good news is the most important thing there is for us to do to help save lives. Or has anyone truly had a bad day in service. What was with that one I had horrible days in service yet I spit that out many time during the meetings and much more.

    I was a true believer to the core. But even though I said those words out loud at the meeting in a room full of people deep inside I felt dead. I never truly believed them, it was just like last night with the hypnotist and those on stage it was like they had to do and say the things he was telling them to.

    I truly feel like I am waking up from under a hypnotic spell right now.


  • startingover

    Now that is interesting. I could never stay awake at conventions either no matter how hard I tried but have not gone since I quit, but I would bet that I would now be just like you are. I have never made the connection before but it sure makes sense. Thanks for giving me something to think about.

  • watersprout

    I was always falling asleep... I tried taking notes, eating sweets, looking up EVERY scripture all to no avail. I would still nod off with my bible open. Lol.

    raised my hand at the meetings and have said this is not the real life, we should not try to enjoy our lives now to the full as we will have forever to do that and giving our time NOW to Jehovah by pioneering is the most joy we can have in this world of Satan's. Or all this old life has to offer is at the most is just 70 to eighty years what is that compared to living forever. Or that we are in a life saving work now and being the end is so close we need to not think about ourselves but others and preaching the good news is the most important thing there is for us to do to help save lives. Or has anyone truly had a bad day in service.

    Now that has freaked me out! I have done and said the exact same things! Scary the control you are under while in the borg. Plus i'm not a fan of hypnosis. If being used for therapy you have to be very careful and go to a very well respected one. An unsavoury hypnotist can ''plant'' thoughts in your head which can cause severe damage.

    As for the shows they make me laugh... Quite funny watching adults behave like loons!


  • mouthy

    I went to a Hypnotist.before I was a JW....He had complete hold of me.He told me the wall was falling down

    & I must hold it up,I did that, he told me to pull a rope I did that,he told me to stop smoking,But I didnt do that
    He explained to the audeince I would follow all rules except those that I wanted to do myself,

    I would do what others wanted me to do but not those I wanted to do...Then I joined the WT THEY!!!
    told me I couldnt be baptised unless I quit smoking I DID THAT!!!! Tell me they are not in league with the devil???
    I am convinced..they are

  • clarity

    LITS ............... wow,

    Every word .... ding ding ding!


    The falling sleeping at assemblies was irresistable, couldn't keep my eyes open! And like you, my answers were on the tip of my tongue, always ready to support what was being said from the platform! Amazing.


    Maybe this explains how jw's can "teach" anything at this point, and 90% still say amen!


    Now I just gag at this drivell.


  • journey-on

    This is a true story. At the behest of an elderly sister, I went to a few meetings at the KH about three or four years ago. Truly, it felt like being in the movie, the Stepford Wives.

    I was near the front, and when I turned and looked around, people seemed mesmerized. The PO was actually sleeping and bobbing his head!!

    Now, I wonder what REALLY goes on at those elder schools and secret meetings "by invitation only". Are some of the meetings intentionally set up to bore you to sleep or at least, a semi-stupor?

    I have always said, I think the witnesses are programmed, if not down right brainwashed. There is definitely, imo, some hypnotic induction techniques in play.

  • life is to short
    life is to short


    Everyone who has responded seems to agree with me. journey_on your post hits right home. My husband when he was an elder always fought to stay awake it was one of the reasons he said he like to conduct something either the WT or the school as it helped or forced him to stay awake.

    Last night at the fair my husband would not watch the show with me but I told him how I felt about us beinghypnotized at the meetings. He only got upset and defended the religion asking why I was picking on it again. He said we fall asleep because we are always running so much that when we finally sit down for a whole day our body's just fall asleep.

    I was like yes we are running busy work demanded by the religion studying for the meetings, going to the meetings, going out in service and never having time for ourselves. I rest my case we are being forced to tire ourselves out to the point that we are so exhausted we are easy pry to be hypnotized or brain washed that is what cults do.

    I do not know if he will ever wake up.

    Mouthy your post really hit home also.


  • baltar447

    To me the new songs being so slow seem to be putting your brain into a suggestable state. I cannot STAND the new songs.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I get it, LITS. Like you, I was a believer hook-line-&-sinker. But when I look back, it just seems like a.trance. "I believed that nonsense? No way." Just like the guy who shouts.out blue light specials. "I did what...?"

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    If you notice not one of the songs are uptempo marches. They are all somber tunes that lull you to sleep.

    It was this thread posted a coupla years ago that convinced me they use a form of group hypnosis, you can draw your own conclusions.


    The author (from Australia) makes some great points.

    46 pages long

    Some excerpts:

    I began to investigate the Watchtower teachings after seeing a phenomenal number of
    Jehovah Witnesses attend my office with depression and fatigue related illnesses. One such
    client invited me to study with her and her colleague and when I did, I noticed they were
    unknowingly using a form of direct clinical hypnosis on me, introduced through their study
    magazines, which is the same as I have used to treat people for phobias. The only difference
    was, they were using it on me "to give me phobias about life outside the Watchtower
    movement" and for blood transfusion.

    it is my opinion they deplete the mental potential of thousands of
    adults and children who attend expecting to be taught Christian ethics but instead, are
    given a self-destructive attitude towards life and towards the efforts of personal
    development in life.

    The United Nations Religion Declaration requires, leaders of religion must be responsible
    and their teachings must not diminish mental capacity or cause difficulties to health. It is
    my opinion the Watchtower Society is violating this Declaration and it is time they were
    held accountable. After counseling many Jehovah Witnesses it is my opinion their mental
    capacity to answer certain questions has purposefully been suppressed through hypnosis.

    As an experienced clinical hypnotist who studied the early principals of Charcot
    hypnosis introduced to America by Freud in 1908, I believe the chairman of the
    Jehovah Witness movement at that time, Joseph Rutherford, a student of
    psychology, applied Charcot's hypnosis to the format of the J.W. meetings in 1914
    and this hypnosis format is being used to this day. The way "all" Jehovah Witness
    minds are blocked off from understanding specific simple sentences, is my proof.

    Jehovah Witnesses have had their self-thinking skills removed through hypnosis!
    After counseling many J.W's and studying with them, I came to the opinion that
    hypnosis has been used to stop them from thinking for themselves. By using the
    enclosed 190 scriptures worded from their own Bible, anyone can test J.W's to
    prove their mind has been hypnotized to remove reasoning and self-thinking skills.

    They never study from a Bible! One will read a little bit of their study story and the
    other will read the Bible verse quoted in the story from the Bible, a bit of story, then
    a Bible verse, etc. As you read along with them, the little bit of story stimulates your
    right brain and the Bible verse stimulates your left brain, so it causes a continuous
    and definite back and forth thinking action, which creates the same effect as a
    swinging pendulum. This specially designed study story will have a gradual
    hypnotic effect even if you only study with one of them as it is the different subjects
    of reading, causing the left brain-right brain use. When two of them are present
    however, this back and forth action of the mind is further stimulated by hearing the
    person on your left, then the person on the right. Back and forth, back and forth.
    This prevents your mind from finding time to examine the information, which is the
    prerequisite of hypnosis. Their main meetings follow the same format and have
    done, since Joseph Rutherford, learned this principal from Freud around
    1914.(Questioning J.W's with the enclosed scriptures will show the blocked mind.)

    Watchtower insists all Jehovah Witness meetings
    worldwide "must not deviate" from their meeting format
    Since psychology student Joseph Rutherford designed the following meeting format
    in 1914, it has never changed and J.W. elders are instructed they are not allowed to
    change the meeting format in any way. They are also supplied with monotone music
    tapes and songs from America which have the story triggering phrases written into
    them, which are designed to further support the hypnotic stories.

    Watchtower teachings encourage depression, which in turn provokes disease
    After attending public meetings, home study sessions and sales meetings with the
    Jehovah Witnesses I quickly learned, the procedures the Watchtower society of
    America makes their members follow, do not apply positivity, security and personal
    development and do not create inner happiness. Watchtower promotes a constantly
    negative fear based teaching, which I don't believe children should be exposed to.
    It is my opinion they promote these negative fear based teachings to prevent the
    members of Jehovah Witnesses families from becoming close and homely, so they
    will continue being slaves to sell magazines and collect donations door to door.

    Jehovah Witnesses are God loving people who have the best of intentions for the
    people they approach. They offer themselves as servants without asking for
    anything in return, it is my belief they are, unfortunately, deceived into becoming
    servants of the Watchtower tax-free moneymaking machine, instead of servants of

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