I went to my first Hypnotist show last night. I was amazed at how much it was like JW’s

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    Not sure why people like this types of shows, they are not funny at all.

    Just shows how vulnerable some people really are, and that refers not only with regards to this sect, but movies, books, the news, etc. All of this has an effect on people’s minds and obviously people that want to control society would not miss the opportunity to use this for their own advantage.

    People that uses these techniques to manipulate others are the ones with very serious mental issues.

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    Life Is To Short: Just out of curiosity, was the name of that hypnotist at the county fair Mark Yuzuik, perchance? I've seen Mark at county fairs in the Southern California area (Orange County, San Diego), and he is always entertaining. What he puts on at county fairs is a "comedy hypnosis show", but still, his shows are rather entertaining; he has great showmanship sytle.


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    A couple of fun facts about hypnosis (from what I studied in Psychology, so I'm not exactly an expert... my professor used to work as a hypnotherapist, though, if that means anything to you):

    > A person under hypnosis will do a lot of weird and crazy things, but a lot of it is stageplay. A person who is under hypnosis will not do anything that they are unwilling to do. Telling someone to do something they're unwilling to do (such as killing some one, for example) will immediately snap them out of the trance. (I've had this happen to myself before... It's rather jarring)

    > Post-hypnotic suggestion (hypnotizing someone to do something after they come out of the trance) very rarely works, especially as time passes between the session and the trigger.

    > You can, however, trick people into creating false memories with hypnosis. This has led to many stories about Satanic ritual abuse and child molestation that were later found to be unfounded.

    Hypnosis is nothing to be afraid of, as long as you can trust in the hypnotist... And even then, they won't be able to just outright control you (though they may be able to mess with your head over multiple sessions... which is how the JWs can mess with you).

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