I went to my first Hypnotist show last night. I was amazed at how much it was like JW’s

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    I never went to a professional "hypnotist" but I did get those self-help, subliminal hypnosis tapes back in the 1980s. I remember one made me laugh uncontrollably. Too bad I couldn't tell what was being said! For all I know, it could have been telling me to do something ridiculous so I ended up throwing them out.

    I, too, could never stay fully awake at some meetings and especially the conventions. I would be "hypnotized" just watching the back of somebody's head or some other thing going on. It was virtually impossible to get every single word that was said. Even taking notes wasn't so good because when you are writing down you are not necessarily taking it 100% into your mind because you are so busy writing it down correctly.


    Thanks for posting that. I always suspected there was an element of hypnosis in the format of the meetings. Interesting to know about Rutherford designing the meeting format. Why am I not surprised at all this? In a way, we should all feel glad. This means it wasn't just our own stupidity and gullibility that made us buy this bill of goods. They were playing with our heads.

    May they rot!!!

  • flipper

    LITS- Great thread. I feel the WT society's motivation is power, control, and $$$$$$ as to the reasons they keep the hypnotic trancelike control over JW's. If they stp using this technique which has worked well for over 100 years- they'd lose their cash cow- 7 million human body's at their service & disposal who require no pay, no medical insurance , no life insurance - just blind obedience to a self serving , hypocritical organization who selfishly uses them for it's own greedy purposes.

    If you look into the eyes of many Witnesses you can see this hypnotic , staring off into space type look and also realize that while WE are attempting to talk to them, they aren't listening to us - they are busy going through their programmed minds to pick out a thought which has been pre-cooked for them by the WT society. The example of how your husband responded to you regarding 9/11 is a very good proof of this .

    Just be glad we are not personally under that thought indoctrination process anymore. Just another good reason to avoid going to meetings as the hypnotic indoctrination process is more dangerous and damaging to our psyche than we even know

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Witnesses almost appear to be in a trance state to me. I did hynopsis for phobias with a true hynoptist. They take a very dim view of hynopsis done for entertainment. They feel it is very dangerous. I don't know the details. The WT writing is hynoptic. It was so painful sitting in the KH, I often disassociated. My mind went to a separate place.

  • life is to short
    life is to short


    You are so right about being at the meetings and it putting you right back into the trance. Even now when I hear certain words or if I am around very strong cult minded JW's I will feel just really down on myself and instantly get depressed, sometimes it takes me days to get out of a depresson just from taking with a stong minded JW. It all sort of makes sense now.


    I remember when I was a kid having to go to the meetings they were so painfully boring to me. I tried to follow along but so much of it was over my head. I clearly remember the talks on sex being bad, yet we were so much better then the Catholic Church because we knew that sex was not the original sin like they taught. When you are five years old that is really hard to make sense of and what is oral and anal sex anyway.

    Or the speakers always saying 'brothers do you understand the meaning of this', or 'brothers do you want to be in the new system.' Well what about us sisters? I used to get so upset because some of the elders never said the word sisters. A few did but most just used the word brothers. I remember one time when I was about five or six I asked my mom well are there going to be any women in the new system. She was irritated with me and said why would I ask such a stupid question. I said well most of the talks only talk about brothers. She said when they say that they mean everyone including girls when they use the word "brothers" it was just easier to use only one word. I thought that was just stupid and lazy of the speaker, really they need to save time and not say 'brothers and sisters.' It truly upset me as a small kid, crazy now thinking back how a child's mind works.

    But there was so much as a kid that disturbed me at the meetings. Like in the back of one of the books there is this beautiful woman holding a baby and the seven headed dragon is looking to take the baby away from her. (I was told to devour it.) I just could not grasp what they were meaning. I just wanted to take the baby and run. Now I know that the beautiful woman was supposed to be Jehovah's organization and the seven headed dragon was Satan but to a kid it was just disturbing.

    So what I used to do was stair at the wallpaper in the KH. It had weird patterns on it and I would make some of them into cars with head lights on and other parts of the wall paper were city's with people in them. I would make up people who lived in the wall paper, etc. Man thinking back to that time no wonder the religion affected me so horribly as an adult, as it screwed me up so bad as a kid.

    There was no one explain any of the meetings to me and I was just supposed to get it from listening. We never had a family study, I was never allowed to question anything because it was the truth and that was all I needed to know. If it is the truth then it is true! Right? So when I asked a question I was shut down right away and made to feel stupid.

    It was all hypnotic and spellbinding. When I was zoning out in my wallpaper world I was still listening taking it all in one part of my brain that was telling me this is the truth.

    What a way to miss with children's minds.


  • flipper

    LIFE IS TOO SHORT- Hang in there. That's one of the reasons I will never go back to meetings. I don't want to get depressed or be caused to feel down by hanging around a bunch of people who think I'm Satan anyway ! LOL ! Keep your chin up

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    bump for info

  • clarity

    Darth thanks for the bump.

    A whole year later, I really 'get it'!

    Summing up my life as a jw, I would say it felt like ... teetering around in circles!


  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    I have been reading this book about hypnosis and mind control and here was an interesting excerpt:


    B. How To Program With Hypnosis

    George Estabrooks was the first major hypnotist to publicly
    recognize the potential for hypnosis. He contacted MI-6 and other
    military and intelligence groups in hopes he could interest them in
    the military-intelligence potentials of hypnosis. What was George
    Estabrook's connection to the Illuminati? George Estabrooks was a
    Rhodes Scholar, which is an entry-level group for the Illuminati.

    For those who haven't studied this, it would be appropriate to give
    a brief explanation of these things. The Illuminati in 1919 created
    the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA). The Astor
    Illuminati family were major financial backers of the RIIA.
    Waldorf Astor was appointed to the RIIA. The American equivalent
    to the RIIA is the CFR. The RIIA and CFR set up Round Table
    Groups (based on the King Arthur myths) which were initially
    named by Cecil Rhodes "Association of Helpers".

    High ranking
    Mason/Illuminatus Cecil Rhodes also created the Rhodes
    Scholarship to bring select men from several the English speaking
    world and Germany to learn how to bring in the One World
    Government that the Illuminati has long had planned. The Cliveden
    Estate of the Cliveden Astors (of the Illuminati) has played an
    important role in the preparation of Rhodes Scholars.

    Bill Clinton
    and Fred Franz, the late president of the Watchtower Society, are
    two examples of men selected for Rhodes Scholarships. Bill
    Clinton went through the program. However, Franz decided not to
    go to London in order to help lead C.T. Russell's cult as "oracle"
    after WT Pres. C.T. Russell was ritually killed on Halloween, 1916
    and his remains buried under a pyramid. He later served as
    President himself from 1977-1994. The Watchtower Society
    leadership is a front for a part of the Illuminati which practices
    Enochian Magic.

    The power of Enochian magic is the Watchtowers. A powerful part
    of Bethel headquarter workers are Multiple Personalities, and have
    cult alters who speak in Enochian. Some multiples work in the art

    department and have been secretly placing hidden occult

    symbology into Watchtower & Awake! magazines.

    And for those wondering what Enochian magic entails


  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Would like to say I do not necesarily subscribe to those beliefs, I just found this outsiders take on Franz to be interesting.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I saw a film on TCM where Andy Griffith was a heavy. He may have been a fraudulent preacher. It certainly wasn't Mayberry. He could act!

    I was hypnotized to be able to dance b/c the WT made it a no no. As much as I wanted to move, I could not. She had me raise my arm and lower it at her command. I always thought that was hokey. When my arm went up in the air, I started to laugh that i was actually doing something so tacky. It helped. My dad threw me down a flight of stairs at home and I later developed escalator phobia. Hynposis did not help. I give thenks to the disability movement for necessitating elevators.

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