I went to my first Hypnotist show last night. I was amazed at how much it was like JW’s

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  • journey-on

    darth frosty....very thought-provoking stuff. Indeed, everybody associated with JWs or even thinking about it should read this.

    LITS.....It always seemed strange to me how they use about a dozen trigger scriptures to blanket cover everything. It doesn't matter what argument or objection you bring up, a JW will spout almost verbatim the same words. Those particular scriptures are like the hypnotic key words that have been programmed to trigger their brains to close down to the real consciousness of Christ. Matt. 23: 13

    Now, if it is intentional, why do you think this is done? Christ spoke out many times against the scribes and Pharisees and their methods to control the people. Scribes copied and interpreted scriptural texts and the Pharisees tended to be self-righteous fanatics that narrowly interpreted parts of The Law while neglecting the weightier matters like justice, faith, and mercy.

    Sound like anybody we know?

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Journey-on: Now, if it is intentional, why do you think this is done?

    Come on its all about control. If you read the full article he says how the WT study, hasn't changed since the 30's and how the form of group hypnosis they use was very popular back than. Now think if 'judge' rutherford was a trial lawyer he would be familar with hypnotic suggestions used to sway jurors.

  • Hadit

    Great observation LITS. That is exactly what they do. Darth Frosty: Excellent article!!!

    Everything they do is to induce trance states and it starts with the children. The "spanking" that they deem as necessary play a HUGE part in inducing trances and setting up a lifetime of trance states which can be later induced. Trance states also stop cognitive development and maturity. Due to immaturity of the brain you cannot be loyal to two attachments at the same time and the WT sets itself up as each individual's attachment base rather than their family members. That is why they can shun their own parents and children. Thus - no birthdays, no holidays, sports - anything that causes a natural bonding with family. They use fear as well - when someone is in constant fear they cannot think and cannot grow.

    They not only rip us apart from our families they rip us apart from ourselves. When you don't know yourself and cannot mature your body "speaks" for you by getting sick - physically or mentally as that is the only way your body can commmunicate with you. That is why there is so much mental illness, depression, cancer, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, suicide, etc. within the organization. Our bodies cannot get lulled into hypnosis like our minds. Our bodies speak for us.

    Everything they do is based on psychological conditioning.

    This information is out there. I hope all lurkers start researching this. It's time to start waking up. People's lives depend on it.


  • journey-on
    Come on its all about control.

    But, why? Do you think it is strictly about money? Do the leaders behind the curtain do this to keep the free labor going to build the buildings that they eventually sell and make profits on? To keep the rank and file donating money, stocks, real estate, etc. To keep them including them in their wills? To keep the thousands of congregations as ready built-in buyers of printed materials? Or, is there a deeper more spiritually sinister reason.

  • Violia

    LITS, here is a little game a former poster made up. The game is called Bullshit Bingo. I am providing the link b/c Mulan is the inventor of this amazing little game. It will keep you awake during the meetings. apostates got talent.


  • Ding
    The hypnotist had them fall asleep and when they were in that state he would tell them that when they woke up they would react to key words he had said to them or when he touched his face a certain way.

    Think of what the following words do to most JWs, of how they trigger programmed responses that prevent any real thinking or rational discussion:

    apostate, disfellowshipped, clergy, demonism, trinity, hellfire, Christendom, cross, pagan, holiday, transfusion...

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty


    As to the why I dont know. People do things for the sake of power that rational people wonder about.

    One powerful Human and Manly need that JW's have conditioned out of us is the need to leave a legacy behind.

    I have always said that the JW's emasculate you as a man with its doctrines and this is a prime example. Rutherford wanted a legacy of his on and power in the now. He stole russels legacy and re-fashioned it to his own ends.

    a good example of how power corupts is the movie 'a face in the crowd.' stars andy griffith in a role you want forget. Its worth a watch and holds up well to current relevancy.


  • journey-on

    Wow! I didn't realize Andy Griffith played in such powerful dramas. I just always thought he was the "Opie's dad" kind of character actor.

    The feel of power for the sheer sake of wielding it is surely a driving force. I can't help but think the real power behind the real organization has ulterior motives, however.

    Just look at the near worship of the GB, their word over that of Christ, the heavy burdens requiring the counting of time spent peddling their printed material, the ass-numbing meetings, the strict attention to interpretation of doctrine, the carrot-dangling-in-front-of-the-horse kind of pull, the hypocrisy like sending their own to higher universities to become attorneys while encourage the r & f to forego higher education, just reeks of dishonesty. The entire chapter 23 of Matthew could be directly thrown at them.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    darth frosty

    What you posted is in many ways truly scary. They are controlling us and making us do what they want all the while convincing us that we are the ones who want to do it. Just like telling us not to have anything to do with hypnotists yet they are the masters of it. The PO COBE in the hall I went to was so freaked out over hypnotists that he would not bring the Sunday paper into his home until he had thrown out out the comic section as it always had an add in for hypnotic weight loss or to stop smoking in it. He told it to the whole car group one day in service. Yet here he is being used to hypnotize and is being hypnotized himself.

    It does not surprise me knowing what I know now that Rutherford used hypnosis in his teaching. I can totally see him doing that especially with Freud because what he taught was believed so strongly at the time.

    What is amazing to me is that I was a born in and a true believer. It is all I ever knew, I trusted the religion with my life, I would never have questioned anything for the most part. It took pedophiles to finally wake me up but if not for that I would still be a die hard.

    I just feel so betrayed. But it all makes sense now. The reason you cannot truly talk to a JW without them spouting some WT or Awake or saying well what does the slave have to say on the matter we must check the CD rom before we decide if we can to this or that. It is because they are hypnotized and cannot move with out OKing it with their master first.

    I know last night I was saying something to my husband about bad things happening to good people like what happened ten years ago on 9-11-01 and he said "well there is this WT and it explains it all very well as to why Jehovah is allowing this to happen like why he allowed Rwanda to happen." He said he would give it to me when we got home. I was like WTF? I just wanted to talk to him not read some brain washed WT, I just wanted his take on things. It is like you just cannot talk to a JW as a person. The WT or some book has to be behind them to prove what they are saying because they just cannot use their minds to speak for them.

    To me this is all kind of overwhelming to process in my own head. I know that the hypnotic state I was in is not as strong but I still think it is there when certain words or Bible verses are said to me it is like I can go right back into the trance of being a JW. I never even thought about the songs, but everyone is so right they are just dirges. Very few are happy and uplifting to sing.

    Wow all of this is kind of overwhelming to me right now.

    Violia thanks for the game that would have been a blast if I was still having to go but if I do have to attend any more I will be doing this game for sure. Thanks.


  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Lits yes it is hard to believe especially if you were born in.

    Until I read that article it never occured to me that ALL of the kingom songs were soft lulibys. Not one vigorous stiring march type song.

    Thats why I believe they push for new recruits to come to the meetings so tough cause thats where the real conditioning takes place.

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