September 11th, 2011- The Difference Between JW's and Reality

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  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    That is a good point Was, I saw a documentary about Frank DeMartini and Pablo Ortiz the other night called Heroes of the 88th Floor; they were Port Authority workers who personally rescued more than 75 people in the upper floors of the north tower. In addition, the people they rescued were inspired to help others on their way out.

  • d

    I agree many at My KH in 2001 were eager because to them this might be the end but here we are in 2011. 10 yrs later.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Good point, Designs

    Sizemilk, it's hypocrisy. Good point.

    BP, they don't want to die but they do enjoy their work.

  • cantleave

    Thank you for sharing your insights OTWO, very interesting.

  • OnTheWayOut

    BOC, that is so true. "It can't possibly last another decade." See you in ten years and a day.

    MM, the "older" look, I don't think it's from being firefighters. I think it's from loss in NYC.

    Was Once, some of the coverage of the anniversary did focus on the survivors and those that helped them. But more would be great.

    d, thanks for your thought.

    Cant leave, you are welcome.

  • dozy

    I saw the Discovery documentary as well. It was quite emotional to see the heroic acts of the firemen & the port authority workers , often without any concern for themselves. The five firemen who helped & stayed with the woman with asthma who told the workmate who had stayed with her to get down the stairs because the building was going to collapse at any minute.

    I also watched the US Open tennis final. One aggressive , screaming , grunting player who had a hissy fit , abused the umpire and pathetically refused to shake her hand at the end of the game. A JW (or at least an unbaptised publisher.) In contrast , her opponent was gracious & dignified.

    It does make me wonder about all those meetings I sat through being told how wicked worldly people were & how wonderful JWs are.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Dozy, I wasn't aware of the problem with the U.S. Tennis Open. I will have to check it out.

  • flipper

    OTWO- Excellent thread as always. The callousness with which Jehovah's Witnesses so easily dismiss tragedies and suffering for non-Witnesses is just as easily put in the forefront when it's Jehovah's Witnesses who are suffering. The WT society is it's own best PR whore at promoting their alleged missions of mercy to mainly help themselves. Meanwhile as you said - thousands and millions of good honest hearted " worldly " people helped their fellowmen & women to heal during the 9/11 attacks and thereafter. With not even getting an ounce of publicity for it ! Nor did they require it or need publicity. They just were helping their fellow humans out of sincerity and authentic empathy.

    The Witnesses live in such a plastic bubble suffering from " dissociative disorder " that they really cannot recognize authentic human kindness and how to show it unconditionally. They live in unreality while the rest of the world continues to be real

  • Dagney

    Nicely written OTWO.

    This is the difference for me.

    Lovely homily for the fallen Jesuit priest, Father Mychal.

    In contrast to the Bethel complex who bolted the doors after some non JW's ran into their buildings. An email I received said they put out water etc for those walking over the bridge, "but we couldn't just let anyone into Bethel!!"

    I also read somewhere how many meals were served by the Salvation ARmy, don't remember the count, but again...what a difference.

    I left the JW organization in 7/01. (edited thanks Flipper!!) All these little and big things confirmed my choice was the right one for me. I didn't belong with JW's.

  • flipper

    DAGNEY- You left the JW organization in 7/ 11 ??? You mean 7/ 01 ?? If it was 7/11 DAMN girl - you sure do FAST Apostawork ! So my wife and I knew you when you were still a lurking JW a few years ago ? LOL ! ( Just teasin' ya, givin ' ya a hard time. ) Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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