R.I.P George

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  • fade_away

    If it wasn't an extremely late (or extremely early) April Fools joke, our friend No Room For George seems to have departed......from this website. Apparently falling victim to a devastating Love Bomb that claimed his ability of thinking for himself and his freedom of heart, mind, body and soul. I was wondering if maybe in the future he will be on the convention stage in front of a couple thousand people talking about his "experience". The story of a man "breaking away from Satan's grip and rejoining Jehovah's kingdom against all Satanic influence from apostate websites". Maybe a little interview with him followed by a terribly acted monologue of him sitting at his computer talking to himself eventually disconnecting the laptop from the outlet (or something corny like that) Or better yet, throwing the whole laptop in the trash. Isn't that what the illustrations always show?....The throwing away of expensive belongings?

    Anyway, I actually wish him well and I'm glad he is following what makes him happy. He still has some freedom apparently. It looks like he chose this out of his own free will and not out of fear or pressure, so more power to him. So R.I.P apostate George, we'll miss ya...(that is if you're not pulling our leg or possibly hacked by a Bethelite.)

    Actually I didn't know you that well so I guess I won't miss you that much.

  • cantleave

    Be prepared to welcome him back in a few days.

  • serenitynow!

    Let's pour out a 40 for our homie.

  • bohm
  • White Dove
    White Dove

    "Pour, pour a libation for the dead."

    There'll be a resurrection.

    He'll be back. He'll be back.

  • fade_away

    george, you're always welcome to come back. There's always room for you here.....(ugh, terrible pun)

  • meangirl

    Well I am not surprised. He is the one who started the thread seriously asking if women want to be objectied?........sorry but that clearly showed me he does not have thinking ability....as the answer to that should be a no brainer.....I feel like he is only able to see things from his point of view and never really look at the big picture. Just my two cents...whatever the case may be I wish him well.

  • elderelite

    Sigh..... No 40's to pour out for miz. He will b back. He struggles with his place in the world as many do, but miz really seems to be lost... But he found his way here and will do so again im sure. Free of xanax and booze he will need validation that the doubts were justified, that what he thinks deep in his heart is true... And we'll welcome him back as always. Its a very tough journey and iall travel at their own pace

  • Glander

    I never could quite figure out where he was coming from. A recent postwas downright bizarre. I suspect chemical exploration.

    Take care, George

  • mrsjones5

    He's done this before. I guess it gets all too much for Misery at times and he does this drunken drug induced rant on the board before dropping into never never land. I won't be surprised if and when he comes back. I fully expect and hope does that he does. I hope that someday he can make the break with the bOrg before it totally destroys him.

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