R.I.P George

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  • journey-on

    Leaving is a process that sometimes entails temporarily going back. I didn't do it cold turkey like some. It took a few years and lots of hills and valleys to travel through.

  • ShirleyW

    If he has indeed whole heartedly returned to the DaTroof, I have a feeling he hasn't given up his experimentations of meds & booze cocktails as of yet, so perhaps the next time he's in a "jovial/theocratic" mood I suspect he'll be back.

  • tec

    I'm not really sure it was a good-bye thread. Just a bit of what he was feeling that night.

  • Jeremy C
    Jeremy C

    Or better yet, throwing the whole laptop in the trash. Isn't that what the illustrations always show?....The throwing away of expensive belongings?

    LMAO!!! fade_away, I can remember watching many of those dramas when I was a child: the sweet innocent sister who throws away a short skirt, or the Ministerial Servant who is congratulated by an elder for throwing his AC/DC records into the trash. The dramas always paralleled some story in the Old Testament, such as Samuel or Jeremiah keeping Jehovah’s temple clean.

    No Room For George better throw away his computer after this, as it could be likened to meat that was sacrificed to idols.

  • Quendi

    As I read No Room For George's rambling, disjointed post, all I could feel for him was deep pity. I hope he does not return to the WTS even if he chooses never to post on JWN again. As the old UNCF commercial said, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste." Returning to the clutches of the WTS would mean the waste of his mind. At the same time, it seems to me that our friend has a bad case of Stockholm syndrome and that can certainly be made worse by the abuse of drugs and alcohol. I'll be praying for him.


  • shamus100

    Oh gawd, he's not dead.

    Sheesh. ;D Kiss the monkey.

  • fade_away

    He's NOT dead? Here I am mourning him like a sucker.

  • Scully

    poor miz.... maybe the COs visit got to him. or something.

  • james_woods

    Maybe he just realized that his moniker was a little too long for quick replies?

    My rule is nothing longer than 9 chars - my personal standard is nothing longer than 5 characters.

  • AllTimeJeff

    It's a tough road out, but there is something about the brain that will never forget.....

    He may very well stay a JW.... I myself had a helluva time to be honest with myself for years before I finally decided to blow up the bridge.

    He is/was an elder. He saw us all here. Talked a lot about chicks. Don't worry, he'll be fine. He just needs time to figure things out.

    May I suggest if you are still reading here George, do it for yourself. It's ok to be honest, even if it is actually the selfish thing to do.

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