R.I.P George

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  • james_woods
    May I suggest if you are still reading here George, do it for yourself. It's ok to be honest, even if it is actually the selfish thing to do.

    Pardone me, but how do you assume that he was honest?

    Honesty is built - not just running away at the first bat flapping out of the cave.

  • AllTimeJeff

    There is nothing wrong in assuming honesty in someone, generally speaking.

    If you don't feel or see that, than that's cool.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Ok I'm slow...No room for george was missery loves elders?

    Help confused?!?

  • elderelite

    Sometimes i think the only thing as bad than a JW knocking on someones door and telling them how to live is an apostate telling a struggling jw how to live..

    I wouldnt trade my mental freedom for anything, nor would i ever want the false comfort of the lie again... I love my hopes and dreams of a non wt future and come what may i have no regrets about waking up...

    But thats one silly mans view point. We all have our own, including miz. The beauty of leaving the cult should be freedom. Freedom to do as we see fit, not in the name of an organization or petty hebrew god, but as we see fit, personally. Even if that means choosing the lie. I dont have to approve. You dont have to approve. Only miz has to live with it. He dosent have to worry about reproach on jehovahs name or the org or us.... Only himself.

    And for some thats a huge burden. More than they may be ready for... It takes time and every day is a step. All this anxiety and dramma over one drunkin post from a man struggling with his destiny is commical at best.

    At worst its shows that, for as much as some believe they are free from the wt and its teschings, you end up following the same "i know whats best for you even if you dont" mindset.

    Love the man. Support the man. Respect the man. But please dont get lost trying to tell him how to live HIS life.... Like your average dubbie would

    This isnt a shot at anyone in particular and many comments were supportive and kind, just a thought how we view the choices others make

  • ziddina

    Alas, poor George...

    I did not know him well...


  • Berengaria

    Make love, not love bombs!!!

  • shamus100

    Hippie. ;D

  • Berengaria


  • ziddina

    Monkey, I SWEAR!!!

    Try to show a little respect for poor George...

  • sizemik
    There is nothing wrong in assuming honesty in someone, generally speaking.

    Unless they're religious . . . that's what dropped me in the shit in the first place.

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