"THEY" are here right now. I don't want them to come around again, ever!!

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  • trailerfitter

    Okay ,, this is a question and a confession. We have had an issue come to a head in this household of mine. After getting to the bottom of my parners intentions I have given her an ultimatum knowing all too well she will choose the JWs over myself and family. Any document signed giving the JWs power of attorney over blood tranfusion and my wifes life is undermining my authority and respect as a husband. You know the score " I don't want to risk loosing my place in eternity" ...yep that was the whole truth. That is what her reply was and is standing defiant. I have had enough of it all and to be honest want to be rid of the whole thing.

    We have a 6 year old boy who I must admit am very protective over , especially when it comes to this idiocy. I told her I would rather burn in hell for an eternity ( which I don't believe in) , just to see my son have a good chance at life. The whole eternity stuff you have to earn is rubbish I can see that. If Jesus wanted people to die because of a stupid rule made up by a bunch of retards in New York he would have said so..We discussed what Jesus might think of it all and she just pulled up the WT stance and not her own thoughts..

    Anyway her bible study teacher and her daughter are here at the moment which is unual as they usually come on a Tuesday or Wednesday. I asked them not to come back after today....Will they honour this even if my partner says its okay for them to come around???

    I am now looking into now, before I declare it's over, to see if I can get custody of my boy. I want to show the courts possibly that she is not fit to be a mother...Yes really it has got that bad. The other option is not to say anything, let it all blow over ...which it is not going to do...any objection just makes them more resolute to resist.

  • designs

    The They! Oh no.

  • trailerfitter

    Yes them!!

  • designs

    They had a few hits in the 60s and then faded

  • punkofnice
    Will they honour this even if my partner says its okay for them to come around???

    Maybe yes, maybe no! I don't know. It depends on their personality.

    In anycase they can meet with your partner in private behind your back at a separate location.

    I don't want to make you paranoid or ruin your relationship but they should honour your request but people are people whether they go to the kingdom hall or not.

    It sounds very serious to have reached this stage and as I'm in the UK I don't know how US law works.....despite all those years watching 'Moonlighting'! Sorry, friend, I truly am.

  • MrFreeze

    They won't stop...


    Knowing the JW's, they'll even turn it into a Circuit Assembly interview.

  • cantleave

    Be prepared, the Watchtower have a procedural document to help the JW spouse fight child custody cases.

    Will they honour this even if my partner says its okay for them to come around???

    Not a chance..

    They will simply sneak around behind your back..

    They will also enlist other JW`s to help your Mrs become a JW..

    The Bastards are Relentless..

    JW`s are going to come out of the Wood Work to mess with your life..

    You are Officially at War with the WBT$..


  • Gayle

    "ultimatums" almost never work. Sorry. Your getting "full" custody almost never happens. Winning your son's heart through all this, you have a 98% chance of, if you show him your loving spirit and encouragement that you will be there for him 100%. If you show him that this life is good and positive and show him to be a 'normal' kid with sports, education, non-JW friends. Get him into an organized sport for you to take him. Teach him along the way of critical thinking, age appropriate.

    His mother will have rights to take him to JW meetings with her. You could get 'all' medical rights authority before the court because of the blood issue. The JW religion is not fun for kids. It is a depressing, burdensome religion for youth. 66+% leave eventually, but a higher percent leave when they have had an involved non-JW parent.

    I was a JW mom with 5 children who left the organization. Each circumstance is unique and is not easy. However, gratefully, none of my kids took to the religion and they are all grateful for their free minds and hearts.

  • trailerfitter

    Luckily she doesn't take him to the meetings yet. I have no objection to them meeting elsewhere, that now is not the issue. I am only concerned about my son who does love me more than her already as I have a soft spot. She is not a fully fledged member yet. nOw going to look up some info...thanks..

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