"THEY" are here right now. I don't want them to come around again, ever!!

by trailerfitter 33 Replies latest jw experiences

    I say to her that she is with 'devil worshippers' and the WT is controlled by Satan..

    Does she know the WBT$ Governing Body..

    Has replaced Jesus as Mediator for all JW`s with the Exception of the 144,000?..

    The WBT$ is an..

    AntiChrist Organization..

    Once she becomes a JW..

    She will be a Member of an AntiChrist Organization..

    If she wants to be a Christain..She is looking in the Wrong Place..


  • jworld

    You just launched a frontal attack on a person who has been sucked into the cult mentality? After reading Steve Hassan's book, I know understand why that doesn't work. You could have helped her by educating yourself on how to win this type of situation.

  • garyneal

    I'm late to this thread and so much has been said.

    I agree in that a full frontal attack is only reinforcing her persecution complex. I made that same mistake with my wife as I am sure a lot of other people made similar mistakes. In regards to the blood doctrine, it is her choice what she does with herself. Your son, on the other hand, is a different matter.

    I cannot suggest this as a course of action for you but for me, believe it or not, if my wife were in the hospital and needed blood I would try to help her in any way to receive medical treatments without violating her beliefs. I know the doctrines well enough to know that the WTS permits practically all parts of blood so in many ways they've rendered it moot plus I think that in most circumstances, there would be a reasonable alternative that would suit her beliefs. Never-the-less, there would be those occasions where a blood transfusion is required and there is no substitute (lest she die), in those situations all I have to say is she had better get her mom or someone else to have power of attorney over her as I could never commit her to death. It goes against my personal values.

    My daughters, on the other hand, I would fight for.

  • trailerfitter

    Yes, agreed children are always worth fighting for. Principle are too. I do not like finding that a partner of mine would listen to people she does not know over her huband who she has had to trust with ther life and well being. Okay I already give her room to move. She is free do do as she sees fit but its a very selfish thing to engage in. The ultimate prize out of all of this is eternal life with the under one Jehovah here on earth.

    She is deluded enough to believe that her family may not perish at Armageddon.

    You all know its just around the corner?? laughs out loud.

    Anyway thanks so far with the answers. I last night challenged her over the news article challenging the WT statements on mentally diseased Jews...sorry did I say that? I meant apostates (same thing in christain terms isn't it?). after watching videos on you tube the standard answers are coming out..Satan put them in the newspaper

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