Homeless, laid off Bethelites living in tents in VA.

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Why would the police not press charges? A grocery store lot is not a public park equipped for camping. Why Va? My mom's family used to shower Bethelits with cash and food. Present Witnesses would help them. This is not credible.

    If sensational stories such as this one are reported, I believe the credibility should be stronger than with a pizza topping story. What were the names? What is the exact location of the store? Which police jurisdiction was called? Who is the manage rof the grocery store?

    Lawyers and journalists look to details to ascertain veracity. There is not vetting process for what can be osted here. We need to be vigilant and ask for details as a result. What would a New York Times editor ask?

    How typical is this of Bethelies? Perhaps they are camping for fun. Strange that only certain forum members run into these situations. I lived my life, travel a wide geo. area and never come across such sensatoinal stories. The WTBTS is dramatic in itself. It doesn't need any help.

  • shamus100

    No Johnny this round?

    I like that, I like that. Baby steps, baby steps.

  • Iamallcool

    If I was that Bethelite, I would not even call him at all.

  • Iamallcool

    Band on the Run, you are right their JW friends will take care of the laid off Bethelites. My parents are still donating to the laid off Bethelite Couple a small amount of money per month. I am sure others are like that as well.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    At the very least, JW families would scramble and fight just to get the Bethelites to stay on their property.



    You publicly said..

    Johnny the Bethelite was going to have to provide you Better Proof of who he is..

    So far nothing..And..Johnny did Another Show..

    Now you have a New Rumour and a New show..

    Are you going to investigate the story before you present it?..Or..

    Is this one more Six Screens Rumour and Speculation Show?..

    So far your making the WBT$ look good..The WBT$ can point at you and say..

    "Bullshit!!..What else would you expect from someone who leaves Gods Organization?"..

    You Protest/Persecute JW`s at Memorials..You tell unprovable storys on your shows..

    From a JW`s point of view..

    Everything the WBT$ says about you is True..

    The Kingdom Hall and the WBT$ is the only safe place for them..

    Your doing a Wonderful Job at Driving JW`s back into Kingdom Halls..

    The WBT$ needs more People like You..

    Rick Fearon and his Six Screens Show are good for WBT$ Business..


  • Sulla

    Giant? Giant sucks. There aren't any good grocery stores in the DC area. None.

  • EntirelyPossible
  • MrFreeze

    Why would we believe any crap you say when you keep trotting johnny out? One thing I know about JWs, they are more than willing to help bethelites in need, if only to get the Jehovah brownie points and to look good to others.

  • OnTheWayOut

    There's room in Johnny's closet. Why did they have to leave Bethel?

    Guys, this is clearly Rick Fearon mocking himself, but thinking he is mocking people at JWN.


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