Homeless, laid off Bethelites living in tents in VA.

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  • mummatron
    A regular caller to our Six Screens of the Watchtower conference call David W. contacted the Six Screens tele-network on Sept. 1, 2011 and reported that allegedly some laid off Bethelites were living in tents behind a Giant food store in Virginia.
    David statedtheir were two well dressed men and a young women around 30 years old temporally living behind the supermarket.
    The woman according to Davidsaid she was trying to get to Florida but did not have the money for the trip.
    David saidthe police arrived and questioned the homeless people and they told the police that they were recently released from The Watchtower Org in NY. The police made no charges.

    There is a winged pig, hovering in mid-air, outside my lounge window. Allegedly.

  • mummatron

    Flying pig

    ...And here's the proof, according to Mummatron.

  • koolaid-man

    The giant food store where this took place is near Fredericksburg, VA. it is in spotsylvania county. More details Sat night on the dialogue program Sat. Sept 3 ,2011.

  • skeeter1

    I heard of an aged Bethelite who lived in a filthy travel trailer. But, he had a home.

    I would think the local congregation would find some housing for these folks?

    More details Sat night on the dialogue program Sat. Sept 3 ,2011......Koolaidman

    More details?..

    No..More rumours and speculation

    Your not going to verify anything by tomorrow..

    Your going to do what you usually do..

    Throw shit at the wall..Hope something sticks and nobody questions you..

    You do more for the WBT$ than 100 Loyal WBT$/JWs could ever do..

    Hell..You do a better job than the WBT$..

    Discredit anyone who leaves the WBT$/JW`s with every Six Screens Show..


  • PenelopePaige

    Hold on, wtf is going on? Are yall saying the guy who started this thread is lying? Why would he?

  • drewcoul

    He's not necessarily lying.......He's only guilty of heresay. He hasn't proven anytning, and won't. He's just saying what someone told him.

    That being said, there are enough active JW's on this board that if this were really happening, we would know about it. For crying out loud, WE ALL HAD THE NEW ELDERS BOOK BEFORE THE ELDERS DID!!!!!!! Don't you think we would know if Bethelites were being forced out we would know about it from a credible source?

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    People can lie and never get caught. There is no way the US govt is going to find out if you cheat on your taxes by a few dollars. No one cheats a little bit. The pig principle gets them caught. Subtlety in lying is crucial. One over the top element may make people wonder. Fifiteen over the top things make people laugh and call liar.


    Journalist Ethic Guidelines

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    Editors must confirm the accuracy of stories before publication or broadcast.

    Editors must know in detail the documentation to support stories and the reliability of the sources.

    Editors are responsible for the accuracy of any facts they add or changes they make.
    We will correct mistakes of fact or context promptly andungrudginly We will publish or broadcast corrections, clarifications or apologies in a consistent way.
    We will not mislead the public by suggesting a reporter is some place that he or she isn`t
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    We will explain in the photo caption if a photograph has been staged.
    We will label altered images as photo illustrations.


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    There isn't a Giant within 20 miles of Fredericksburg


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