WT Nov. 1, 2011 (public) - When Was Ancient Jerusalem Destroyed - Part 2

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  • AnnOMaly

    Are your location and time correct?

    (I've sent you a PM too.)

    Even better, a separate thread with a step-by-step

    You could use this thread - maybe? http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/watchtower/bible/215643/3/VAT-4956-Astronomical-Observations

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Thanks! I can't open your PM for some reason right now, but I am using -567 4/23 as the date for Nisan 1 and the location is 32*29'N and 44*26'E or thereabouts.

    I will check out the other thread, too.

  • AnnOMaly

    The PM thing's annoying. Once you get the error message, usually you can still access it by clicking 'back' and retrying or even refreshing the page. Sometimes it takes several goes. If you're still having problems accessing it, let me know.

    The coordinates are OK. The year is OK. The month starts with first lunar crescent visibility (as I'm sure you know) and began on the 22nd. If you used Parker and Dubberstein's tables, their dates begin midnight, so for that year Nisan 1 is listed as 4/23, but you have to count the Babylonian day as beginning "with the preceding sunset" (p. 26), hence the 22nd.

    Stellarium and CdC shift the moon's position a little further westwards in BC skies in comparison with other good programs. Just something to bear in mind. But whatever the case, if you compare the 568/7 celestial positions with those of 588/7, you should find that one year outshines the other as a match.

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  • redvip2000

    As someone already mentioned, most jehovah witness don't even know or care about how the date of 1914 is calculated, and most will probably day dream midway through this study, when in reality this is the heart of some of the most important beliefs in the Org.

    Any person with half a brain can figure out that there are records for every single year of every babylonian king, except for the supposed 20 years that the Watchtower society wants to add. No records, no anything for those 20 years.....how strange.

    There are scores of concrete evidence that the date of 607 bc is incorrect. Compare that, with this obscure, unreliable study about a fraction of the evidence, made by anonymous researchers.

    It bothers me when they say that the bible itself says that it happened in 607BC, how dishonest. What the bible says is that is that the SERVITUDE of the NATIONS of Judah was 70 years...and it was.

    Around 609 BC the babylonian armies conquered the nations on the northern part of Judah during a battle with Egypt, and started this servitude which ended in 539 with the fall of Babylon as it is known.

    Also, anybody who is half intelligent, can look at Jeremiah 44 which describes events of the destruction of Jerusalem, and see that the Pharaoe who was ruling at that time was Hophra. Pharaoe Hophra started his rule in 589 BC, so how could it have been 18 years yearlier in 607 bc????

    Maybe we'll need to re-write egyptian history as well to accomodate the Watchtower beliefs.

  • Londo111

    Indeed, many will say "it's over my head" and "the Slaves says it and that's good enough for me". But there are some who do know how it is calculated, but do not know the real facts, because of information control. This was THE pivotal issue for me. This thread in particular helped me. So for those who are now where I was, I do want to keep this front and center.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    REDVIP2000 - thank you for bringing this up! I think Hophra and the other kings of the 26th dynasty deserve more attention than they get. Started doing a (very) little research on this part of egyptian chronology myself. . .

  • wannabefree
    most will probably day dream midway through this study

    Actually, most JW's will never even have to consider this because it was in the Public editions ... no studying, already handed out in the ministry, probably never even read by most JW's. No way the GB would want this subject to receive study attention.

  • DesirousOfChange
  • Londo111

    This is my 587th post, in 'honor' of 587 BC, the actual year the Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem.

    When I first came to JWN, this was the thread I came to. After six months of being disfellowshipped (I am reinstated now), I was still too indoctrinated to look at anything "apostate". When I received the October Watchtower on 607 BC, I started googling. That led here. This was often the only thread that I would read. But after seeing and doublechecking the thorough examination done in this thread, I realized that there was nothing apostate about this, but rather, it was the truth. So I can say without any hyperbole that this thread helped me see the truth about the "truth".

    I went from seeing that many of these sites like JWFacts, JWStruggle, Freeminds were not lies, half-truths and misrepresentations. But even after I came to JWN, it took my several months to get comfortable that pretty much everything I was reading was the exact opposite of what the Society was saying it was.

    Though that_quiet_girl rarely posts here, she can also testify the help this thread gave me, and in turn, this led to long dicussions about TTATT with her. Though she was quite resistant at first and it took many, many weeks, she also saw the truth about the "truth". We also have been trying to reach out to her family as well. They have listened to us, but it is slowgoing.

    My message to those first stumbling upon this thread: Please, give this careful examination. Truth is the only thing that stands up to scrutinty. A lie will always fall apart. Do not be afraid what you will find, because there is a better life on the other side of the wall. But first you must have the courage to climb over it.

    A huge thanks, as always, to AnnOMaly and Alleymom for all their research and hard work!

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