School Overseer just passed out doing the school!

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  • hamsterbait

    One of the last few meetings i went to an elderly sister collapsed.

    They called the paramedics.

    They lay her in the aisle and started to resuscitate her and get her stabilised.

    The speaker carried on talking!!!!!

    Was this a good witness?

    I think out of respect for the poor woman he should have stopped, and perhaps suggested silent prayer. of course jehoobie's juggernaut rolls over us all.


  • jwfacts

    When I was a kid, an elder was giving the public talk in Hobart congregation and had a heart attack. They pulled him off the platform and lay him on the ground to wait for an ambulance. Another elder got up, took the talk notes, and continued on with the public talk. Even more humilating was that afterwards everyone agreed that the second elders did a better job of the talk even though it was impromtu.

  • NewChapter

    WOW, just wow. They are like robots.

  • life is to short
    life is to short


    Point taken I get it now, thanks for explaining.

    I spoke to an older sister in the hall and no one seems to know anything of what happened to him last night through she also is sure it is not big deal. When my husband had his heart attack durning the meeting they kept it mum to everyone in the hall, I drove him by myself to the hospital. I thought at least the elders would come up to be with me how stupid was I. Most in the hall never knew he even had a heart attack.

    So who knows what is going on now with this brother. The older sister I spoke to today told me they had to keep the meeting going so as to control everyone or else many would have wanted to go with the wife to comfort her. I was speechless and said well what would Jesus have done. She again said that the elders had to keep control and to keep the meeting going was the only real way to do it.


  • sabastious

    Yikes. Come to think I have never been in a meeting that got called off after it started. I have heard of some, but they are shockingly rare. It's a spiritual pigout I guess, none seem to notice when one gets hauled off on a stretcher.


  • sizemik

    Steve2's post might sound heartless . . . but let's face it . . . it's pretty much on the money.

    The only part I take issue with is this . . .

    Men who lack spines but expect it in members of their congregations.

    I rather think it is the brain that is redundant . . . a simple spinal cord is all that's required to function in WT world.

  • sabastious
    She again said that the elders had to keep control and to keep the meeting going was the only real way to do it.

    When your husband had a heart attack, the audience saw something happen right? Was it announced on the podim that he was "ok" much like they did with this fellow last night?


  • Free!!

    On March 29, 2009 i was out in service w some sisters in the morning (8:00am, meeting was at 3:00pm) placing invitations to the memorial... there was 4 of us (one of the sisters was preggo), when we got rear ended and my car (i was driving) was sent slaming against a contention wall.... everything went black and next thing i know car was on fire, paramedics and firefigthers were there, people were helping us get out of the car and ambulances all over the place... we were taken to the nearest hospital, literally 2 blocks from the KH... well, the elders did not come to visit, they proceeded to have Sunday's meeting like NOTHING happened...

    After the meeting 2 sisiters went to visit us and left after 20 minutes because they had to go to service to finish giving out the invitations!! I was out of work for 4 weeks in pain and tired, but the assholes kept telling me i should go to the meetings instead of staying home because i was going to be in pain anyway!!! gotta love the mofos!!

    Aww the memories!

  • sizemik

    Free!! . . . amazing story . . . totally unsuprising . . . but amazing nonetheless.

  • paulnotsaul

    This thread got me thinking about my JW days and how everyone would gossip before and after the meetings about who was in the hospital/sick and whatever else they could yap about. I don't recall anyone saying that they would pray for them. Once in a while they would ask for prayers for someone. Overall very cold atmosphere. Where I attend church now there is a part in the service where you stand up and share your joys and concerns. Its refreshing to be able to openly share with your congregation. The grass is greener on the other side of the fence, for me. peaceAll paulnotsaul

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