School Overseer just passed out doing the school!

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    life is to short


    That wasexactly what I asked the older sister today. Why not stop and at least say a prayer about the person who got sick or for that matter died like with what happened when Lloyd Berry at a DC in Hawaii,or at the very least give a few minutes for everyone to decompress and say their own prayer, instead of dragging the dead one off the stage and someone else running up and to keep the show going.

    She again said that the elders need to control everyone and if they gave everyone some time to decompress many would just leave or wonder around uncontrolled. I told her that made no sense as most of us are adults and know how to control ourselves OK. Someone just got very sick or died as in the case of Lloyd Berry right in front of everyone and to keep the show going seems, callous and unfeeling. At this point I think she was getting tired of me and said the elders are spirit directed and I need to listen to what they say.

    I reminded her of when my husband had his heart attack and how horribly that was handled. She agreed that I did have a point but still I need to listen to the elders.


    When my husband had his heart attack he went outside to the parking lot so no one knew just that a few of us how were outside. My husband conducted the school while popping nitroglycerin that night. Then he made his way to the back of the hall, I followed him and we went outside I asked what was wrong and he asked me to get one of the other elders. I ran back inside and this elder followed me out. He just stared at my husband as my husband told him he was having a heart attack, it was the first I heard of it. I did not have a clue that my husband was sick. Apparently on the way to the hall my husband started to get sharp chest pains but figured no one would conduct the school for him so he owed it to Jehovah to do his job. OMG I was beyond pissed when I found all of this out. If I had known he would have been in the hospital before the meeting but my husband was right no one wanted to conduct. The elder who was talking with my husband that night is an attorney elder. He became a JW after college so he is not that stupid. He just looked blank at my husband and I grabbed my car keys and told my husband to get in the car. I just could not believe it was happening. The attorney elder said to me "will you be OK to drive." I said we have to get to the hospital and left. At the time I was in shock now I am just mad. The attorney elder told me that he would see to it, to have another elder conduct the school for the next couple of weeks at least. It never happened my husband was back up the next week and the samething happened two years latter when he had his second heart attack.


    I am sorry you went through that but I totally see it happening. The PO's wife told me when my husband had his second heart attack that she would not help me as she had to go out in service that day and what did she think I wanted her to do anyway.

    This is such a cold, sick religion.


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    Not one single poster has raised the question that's been circling around my cerebellum: Did this school overseer feign passing out just to relieve the sheer tension and tedium of it all. What a simple way to get out of the "training".

    The cheeky but inventive so-and-so if he did .

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