School Overseer just passed out doing the school!

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    OK so I tie into the meeting just to hear if something new is being said during the announcements and I tied in early tonight. Well the school overseer apparently just passed out 10 minutes ago. I thought my phone line had gone down but then the PO's CBOE's elder's son went on with the meeting. Not being there I was confused what had happened.

    Well during the announcements it was said the school overseer had gotten sick. Apparently they drug him off the stage and just took him home but kept the meeting going. OMG!!!!!!!!

    They kept saying this school overseer is fine he just has a virus and they are taking him home. They then announced that this school overseer is the reader for the WT this coming Sunday, he is to feed the speaker and something else and they are sure he will be up to it this Sunday as again it is just a virus that he has. OK if it was just a virus why was he at the meeting giving it to everyone else? My husband just got really sick from going in service with an elder who was sick and wound up in the hospital for three days because of it.

    All I can say is OMG! This is the hall where my husband had a major heart attack while he was conducting the school back in 2005 and they let me drive him alone to the hospital.

    This is such a cold heartless religion. I cannot wait until my husband comes home to see how they got him off the stage. They are still going on with the meeting right now. UGGG this religion is so sick!!!!!!!!!


  • JRK

    Remember Flipper's story at the Circuit Assembly? So what, she died, the show must go on!


  • Berengaria

    lits are you in Cali?

  • life is to short
    life is to short


    I know, I know but it still schocks me when it happens. The coldness of it. I just see Jesus doing this the show much go, you know.


  • wobble

    Are they sure he didn't just fall asleep through boredom ?

  • steve2

    It sounds Monty Pythonish: Menpassing out, and the occasional heart attack... and the mind-numbing show just drearily grinds on, leavened by the occasional cooler air from a fast turning page.

    You say "cold, heartless". Possibly. I say "farcical" - I cope better seeing the utter unintended hilarity of it all.

    Grown men stuffed into ill-fitting suits and even smaller rooms with few active brain cells among them jumping through hoops and rabbitting on about their self-importance. The noon meal robs thse men of death by starvation which woul;d be merciful quicker than the slow death seeping through sweaty pores.

    Men of power, men of robotic integrity, men who sit glumly on judicial committees and ruin lives. Men who lack spines but expect it in members of their congregations.

    Give me a break: This is war worse than cold and hearltess; it's stupid - or to write it as you Americans say it, "it's stoopid". Oh, and hysterically farcical.

  • life is to short
    life is to short


    No I am not in Cali I am in the Pacific Northwest.


  • daringhart13

    Life is too short,

    I was an elder in the Portland area....what congregation did this happen in? Who was the School Overseer??

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    steve2: Very well writ.


  • PaintedToeNail

    This is a sad commentary on what happens at meetings. How can everyone act like nothing happened? You know everyone in the audience didn't get a word out of the rest of the meeting, they were all too shocked and probably concerned for that elder. A similiar thing happened at our cong. several years ago. A sister was struck by a motorcycle as she was turning into the parking lot. The biker was drunk and tried to illegally pass her as she turned left. The biker was tossed 30-50'through the air and ended up in the KH lawn. The sister had minor injuries as did her two kids. The meeting started a couple of minutes later. Meanwhile the EMTs and ambulances arrived. I stayed outside to see if I could help before the medical teams arrived as I had training in First Aid while working at the police dept. After the EMTs arrival, I was no longer of any use, so I went into the hall. We had a squeaky door, and as soon as the door opened you could see every head swivel to see what was going on. It was impossible to concentrate on the rest of the meeting, with shocking events going on outside and worrying about the sister and her family. It didn't help that there were shouts and sirens going on outside. It all seems very brazen and the blase' attitude of the ones conducting the meeting was sad.

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