Anyone being to Harvard here?

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  • mankkeli

    Having gone through your threads, you appear to be very sound in mind and you come along like an intellectual, But mind you, forums like these are not yardsticks to ascertain people's motives. "Lowering my site" as you mentioned in your most recent comment is a sour suggestion. Anyway, Wish to meet up someday. You are a great guy.

  • Nickolas

    The suggestion is offered genuinely. Harvard admits less than one in ten applicants into its programme each year. My impression (based solely on your very high threads started:total posts ratio) is that you might possibly have a high opinion of yourself and, more problematic, you might be disposed to talk more than to listen. That is not a good combination in any business school, Harvard included.

    But, no, I am by no means an intellectual. If I come across like I think I am, then I need to work on my style a bit more. Thank you for that observation.

  • cantleave

    I only did my MBA through Nottingham Trent University - even I wouldn't confuse being with been!!

  • talesin

    No, thank you, mankkeli. You've started 31 threads and have made only 47 posts, none of which is inspiring, at least to me.

    tks, nickolas, and Repetition for Emphasis. (hehehe)


  • Glander

    mankkeli - By all means, go to the goddam Harvard Business School and don't screw around, get a Phd.

    I didn't go to Harvard but I did go to MIT. ( I sold them a complex piece of cafeteria equipment and supervised it's installation. I was being there for 3 days.

  • cptkirk

    mankkeli: if starting threads on a message board gives you a sense of's probably a good indication you need to start from square one.

    1. have you ever been employed?

    2. can you list anything other than starting message board threads, which has given you a sense of your self-worth?

    just trying to give you a starting point here, ya gotta crawl before ya can walk bra.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    The major business school have different areas of expertise. I met many MBAs when I was doing securities work. Harvard specializes in manufacturing. Wharton specializes in finances. Wharton is very strong in investment banking.

    I'd suggest reading What Color is Your Parachute? and research what alumni think. If you fall within a gray area, knowledge of the programs will help your application.

    I did pretty much the same thing applying to law school. Two of my target schools were in the same city so I saw their students frequently. One school seemed to offer a heavy courseload in depression. The other schoo, down one notch in raiting, seemed to breed very happy people. College classmates were completely transformed in a short period.

  • Nickolas

    My pleasure, talesin.

    I thought I detected something out of the ordinary in you, cantleave. Now I understand why.

    Quite right about Harvard MBAs specialising in the manufacturing industry, BotR. That was certainly the context from which I was speaking.

  • AGuest

    Interesting comments (peace to you all!). I have supervised a couple of MBAs, one MFA, 2-3 JDs, a couple/few MAs (no MSs, though)... and a buttload of BAs, and BSs... and found some of their command of written English to be... well, nothing short of atrocious. Apparently, many MDs have the same problem.

    Here, though, I just thought, "Hmmmm... well, perhaps English isn't dear Mankkeli's (peace to you!) first language." Perhaps I was wrong, there. If so, well, so much for the whole "benefit of the doubt" thing-y, yes?


    SA, on her own... who once again has been shown that she just doesn't think like most folks tend to think... and wonders if she needs to "do" something about that. Then, again, nahhhh... 'cause giving the benefit of the doubt seems more, I dunno... "nice"...

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I make mistakes in my haste to post. This is an Internet forum, not a technical writing position. Regardless of the thread title, the idea was conveyed. I am certain that every MBA program has a screening mechanism for writing skills. I attended a very competitive college. My high school was an urban ghetto public monstrosity. Three quarters of my junior class failed a fifth grade arithmetic test. I always received As for being able to name the main characters in a novel. As I sat in English class and listening to the daughters of CEOs and ambassadors discuss deep matters, I freaked out of my mind. It was not easy but I was able to compete within one year. I was too embarassed to ask for help, which would have been forthcoming.

    Anyone can make a mistake, esp. on this sort of forum where the stakes are extremely low.

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