If you believe in the resurrection or reincarnation what race would you prefer?

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  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer


    or bonobo.

  • mrsjones5

    I don't have a preference but if I came back as a woman I would like to be medium height, small boned with small feet. :D

  • jam

    New Chapter; To answer your questions, the tribal

    secrets, I don,t know if he pass them on to other

    Native Americans, what I ment to say, he would not

    reveal any of the secrets to me.

    What bothered him, just my observation from our

    conversation, he turn his back on his people.

    Native Americans or very proud people with A lot

    history,very rich culture.

    The problem , when he turn his back on being

    the next chief no one could fill that spot until he

    dies. This was A long time ago, but this is what I

    remerber. Maybe someone from Oklahoma can add more.

  • ohiocowboy

    When I first saw the question that was posed on this thread, my first thought that came to mind was The Human Race.

    It was interesting to see how differently people interpreted the question, and how some responses automatically made it an issue of color. It appears that there are many different ideas and thoughts of what defines "Race".

  • jam

    Some interesting thoughts from your comments and

    from those I have ask in the past.

    I doubt if there have ever been any kind of hard

    data or any research done on this.

    But what I have found.

    If you ask some one from one of poorest country

    in the world, lets say Uganda, I bet you that 99%

    of the people would say, same country, same race

    but maybe rich. Some one from Mexico may say

    same race but born in the U.S. I bet you 99% of

    Asian, Africans and Jews would say the same.

    I find it strange that African Americans would

    prefer to be A different race.

  • donny

    I posed this to a co-worker and he replied "I'd come back with the complexion of a European, the smarts of an Asian, the schlong of an African and the love for nature of a Native American."

  • jam

    donny: A good answer, It,s no way you could be A racist,

    in your next life.

  • aquagirl

    It would be nice to not have to be a human again.But as was previously said,"

    I'd like to be Native American.

    Or Maori." fits my sentiment exactly...

  • jam

    Aquagirl: And because they are the owners of

    billion dollar casinos.

  • sinis

    I take it none of you have ever worked on a reservation?

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