If you believe in the resurrection or reincarnation what race would you prefer?

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  • jam

    I work the reservation for 9yrs. Had many interesting

    conversation,(Pawnee reservation). There was A problem

    with alcoholism.

  • exwhyzee

    If there is to be such a thing as a "New System" the only ones who would be of one specific race would be those who were born before Armegeddon or shortly afterward. It seems like with all the National and Racial Barriers eliminated, people would eventually give birth to neither light or dark skinned offspring but rather they'd be a conglomeration of all racial characteristics. Even without a "New System" It's already happening , now that the world has become a smaller place due to air travel and exposure to other cultures via the Internet. In 50 years, being of "mixed" ethnicity might not even be a topic of discussion. I'm guessing that in 100 years it might be quite exotic to be a person of only one single racial heritage.

  • Farkel

    The entire question is racist. As if one race is preferable over the others.


  • sinis

    Farkel, yea I hear you. It's kind of like saying I'm a tiger and the other guy is a pussy cat - all part of the feline family, but quite different... :)

  • jam

    As A black man and who pose the question, Wow

    me A racist, I need too check myself. I didn,t know.

  • Farkel

    : As A black man and who pose the question, Wow

    I said:

    :As if one race is preferable over the others.

    If one race is not preferable over the others, then what difference would it make if you were black, white, green or purple?

    It wouldn't. Unless you were a racist (or race "conscious") and think you deserve special treatment simply because of the accident of your birth.

    In a Biblical resurrection, none of that would matter, unless you prefer a body with certain cosmetic differences.

    On the other hand, especially if reincarnation were true, if you were black and born in say, Nigeria, you would be much better off than if you were white, asian, whatever and born in Nigeria. If you were white or any other flavor other than Japanese and born in Japan, you would be basically screwed.

    So geography and custom might influence such a choice. But if there was a Biblical resurrection, everyone would be considered equal and loved by God, so your choices would be cosmetic, like I said: do you like lots of melanin to protect your skin from the sun, or do you prefer milky white skin which is sensitive to the sun? Do you like a fold in your eyelids like the Asians, or do you prefer no fold, like the other groups? Do you want to be tall, short, freckled, stocky or lean? Do you like big bones, or little bones, blue eyes or brown eyes, a flat butt or a bubble-butt?

    So many questions. If I could come back as a human again after I die, I don't give a rat about what "race" I came back as. I'd just be grateful for the chance.


  • jam

    That,s the point of my question, apparently in

    this world today, there are people that feels one race

    is preferable over the others. So over the years when I

    ask this question I wonder why anyone would like to

    come back as A different race. So as I mention, I have

    only ask blacks. Sounds like A stupid or racist question

    but that was not my intent.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Just because one has a preference or preferences, like everyone else, doesn't make one a racist.

    Don't equivicate.

  • aquagirl

    Dont want to be a human again.Done with that.

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    actually the belief that there are still various human races alive today already makes you a racist.

    the whole "asians are smart", "africans have enormous dicks", "native americans love nature" is racist too.

    just wanted to point that out.

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