Wouldn't the predators on the ark have eaten everything by the time the 40 days was over?

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  • highdose

    Let say noah did manage to get all the species into the ark... about half of them would have been predators and the other half natural prey.

    Are we going to belive that they went without eating for 40 days and nights? Or the ridiculous theory as the WT would have it that Noah fed them nice tasty bales of straw which they happily munched on?

    And even if one of these two exhuses were true, when the animals were let out of the ark into a world now deverstated by a flood, then wouldn't they have continued eating eachother??? And seeing that there was a very limited gene pool, then wouldn't huge sections of animals have become very quickly extinct?

    What about disece? ( yes i know thats spelt wrong) all the animals in the world cooped up in a small space, no hyigene, no day light, no where for the Sh*t to go. Surely illness would have spread like wildfire through the ark and finished off all the ones that hadn't been eaten?

  • serenitynow!

    How come I never thought of those points? You're right. I guess if you buy the flood story, then you just believe that jah magically took care of all that.

  • HappyDad

    Oh my goodness! What kind of "Witness" were you, not even knowing the basics? (just kidding). Remember, we were always taught that all animals only ate vegetation until after the flood. Then they became meat eaters. Those long sharp teeth were for stripping an gnawing the lush vegetation at the time. As far as all the poop goes, Noah and his family must have done a lot of shoveling every day. And until after the flood, there was no disease.


  • zoiks

    Yes, serenitynow! is correct. The marsupials were actually "borne along by holy spirit" to Australia. True story.

  • Reopened Mind
    Reopened Mind

    It rained for 40 days. According to the Biblical account Noah, his family, and the animals were all in the ark for a year. Genesis 7:6 says, "And Noah was six hundred years old when the deluge of waters ocurred on the earth." Then Genesis 8:13 shows that it was a year later when they emerged from the ark, "Now in the six hundred and first year, in the first month, on the first day of the month, it came about that the waters had drained from off the earth; and Noah proceeded to remove the covering of the ark and to look, the surface of the earth had drained dry."

    This makes the story even more ridiculous.

    Reopened Mind

  • highdose

    a year? yes i'd forgotton that....

    Ok well that throws up yet another problem... how do you keep food fresh for a year??? Sailors in olden days used to get extremly sick with scurvy when they had no access to fresh food. Its all very well saying that noah took huge storeroom fulls of grain with him, but grain rots and gets eaten by pests. As does all other manner of food.

    Are we to suppose they lived off fish??? in which case, how did they cook it without burning down the ark? Or did they eat it raw? Have we found the inventoion of sushi??

  • Jeremy C
    Jeremy C

    Highdose, your points are well taken, but stories in Genesis on the part of the believer simply requires acceptance; not analysis. Faith requires dismissing and trivializing such details. It’s no fun when a child asks their parent just how Santa Clause could possible visit all of the children on earth in a single night. How does Santa fit millions of wrapped gifts into a single sleigh? How does he park his sleigh and reindeers on the grass roof of a small hut? Why does my present say: Made in China, when it was made in the North Pole? Oh, stop all of your questions Jimmy, Santa is real!

    Although believers in the flood myth are a bit more sophisticated than that exasperated parent, their apologetics usually entails referencing geology books written in the 1800s, or pointing to frozen mammoths with food in their mouths and saying: see!!

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Pretty spry for six hundred years old and being a zoo keeper. I thought that flesh-eating animals cannot eat plants. Of course, YHWH could suspend his own laws. Further proof that this story was never taken literally.

    Watch out about Santa. I am so Santa-deprived. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. When I first heard as a kid that Europeans kids received an orange or piece of coal, I was glad to be American. Oh, the hurt of seeing all the other kid's gifts. We get gifts all year! I retorted to a friend in defense. Sadly, she had visited my house. When? What toys? Local kids refused to let us play with them b/c unlike the Catholic kids, we had no machine guns or bazookas. It hurt so deeply! My mom suggested I think of Jewish kids.

  • Glander

    Interesting point, highdose. But it led me to another observation. the herbivores require fodder, grass, hay, grain, etc. in such amounts that the sheer volume of such feed would be astronomical. Probably a greater storage volume than the ark itself? I'm sure a competent ag student could calculate it easily.

    (this post is dedicated to Bad Boy.)

  • TD

    JW's believe (Or at least they used to) that the entire antedeluvian world was vegetarian. In other words, lions ate straw

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