What would you think or do if you saw A active JW acting contrary to what they preach?

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  • jam

    A few years ago I attended the bar in A lodge. It was

    A private establishment, but groups could rent it out

    for private parties. Doing the time I work the bar, I saw

    several JW that attend these events. Some new me and

    others because they were young when I saw them last

    didn,t know who I was. Anyway, I saw some crazy things

    going on. Sisters and Brothers that was married flirting , A brother that new I use to be A JW,

    confine in me his infidelity (MS), A sister that came on to me,

    she didn,t remerber me when we attend the same KH.

    All these people were active JWs, all in their 40,s and above.

  • discreetslave

    I'd say "Are you going to tell the elders or should I?"

  • FlyingHighNow

    I'd cock my head to angle, give them the look and say, "Perfection is a bitch, no?"

  • dm6

    what discreetslave said.

  • jam

    The funny thing about the sister that came on to me,

    I ask her, you do not remerber me, I know your ex

    and when I said we went to the same KH years ago,

    she sobered real fast and left.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I hope discreetslave's comment is a bit tongue-in-cheek and not something to follow through on.
    I would never call the elders. If the JW were an elder that did someone wrong, and is leading a secret life, I might consider calling the person he did wrong, but I doubt it.

    I would just want him to know that I know. That's all.

  • FlyingHighNow

    My answer was serious.

  • AGuest

    If I didn't learn anything else about JWs, dear jam (peace to you, dear one!)... I learned that behind all of the pomp... they're just like everyone else. Sure, they "don't" celebrate this (well, not on the same day or with the same gifts/decor...), or "do" that (well, not where they think anyone can see them)... but they do their own kind of "dirt."

    Saw a lot of stuff, never ratted anyone out (except one elder because he came to my house SO drunk he urinated on my pool table... yes, he did! and when my ex mentioned it to another... who later DID rat... tried to say it was my ex. Not that my ex was pristeen, but he wasn't involved that particular time). But, I dunno - I think ratting is almost, if not as, low as what THEY do.

    I did make sure they knew I knew, though... and then I was EXTRA nice to them. Didn't mark or shun. Didn't even frown. Actually invited some of 'em over... and was SUPER hospitable. Because I wanted them to know that even though I knew... I didn't judge them. I didn't - wasn't my place. And I HATE "guilt"... and so didn't want them to feel guilty around me.

    It was all for nought, though: in the end many of these same ones treated me worse than others, when my "end" came... and still do. I just chalk it up to the whole "looking at oneself in the mirror, then forgetting as soon as one turns away" thing.

    Now, I would have to care to even think twice if I see a JW "acting contrary." And I truly don't, so...

    Again, peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


  • mrsjones5

    Whip out my iTouch and start clicking away.

  • andys

    And this youtube video shows what they do after the convention in a bar..............................

    Click here

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