What would you think or do if you saw A active JW acting contrary to what they preach?

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  • alanv

    I recently arranged for my plumber to service my JW son's boiler. I pay him cash as that obviously keeps the bill down. I told my son that and he was quite happy not to have to any taxes on the bill

  • itsibitsybrainbutbigenoughtosmellarat

    That is all I have ever seen. kapowwww

  • Snoozy

    I see it all the time on facebook..one constantlay talks about all the wonderful booze drinks they had and the hangovers..and another is constantly walking down memory lane about her high school dances, teen music..and other worldly comments..then she will later post a scripture about how wonderful Jehovah is..

    Being a catty female, I have the urge to "tattle" on them..


  • ssn587

    Jdubs are as important as toe jam, no one sees or gives a damn, but if the occasion arose, I would publicly try to embarass them.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    If they annoy me, I threaten to call Brooklyn to report them. Of course, I never would. Eyeballs pop out. The terror.

    It depends on the circumstances. Everyone sins.

  • rebel8

    For those who said call the elders, I'm curious as to the purpose--is it to help them out of the org by getting them kicked out, or as some sort of vindication for yourself?

    If it's the former, would dfing really help a person wake up?

    In a similar but different circumstance, I've been on many a forum where a jw claims we are lying about some of their practices, i.e., they celebrate birthdays, date as normal people, etc., then proceed to give personal examples. @ that point I say great, we can settle this once and for all, just PM me your name and congregation. I will mail a copy of your posts to your body of elders and you let us know what happens. Never has any given me the info.

  • AwareBeing

    No big deal, most around here do as they please anyway! The third that's in control;

    engages in occational ethical hypocrisy. The third that's related to these imitate them in it.

    And the last third, everyone else; may be tempted to fall into the world's ways.

    What JW's do in their personal lives, doesn't bother me much.

    Since they copy the flip flop ways of the GB, they all deserve one another!

    A theology of hypocrisy for all the congregational hypocrates.

    Just one more cult to add to mans' long list false religions, with members acting badly.

    I'd smile, and walk away satisfied knowing that I left that group because of liars like that!

  • jam

    One of the problems that irritate me about the JW,s

    is they beleive the world is below them. As a whole

    their religion is superior then all others. So when you

    have some one that is constanly bragging how perfect

    they are you love to see them fall. Remerber the minster

    that was so out spoken against homosexual and was

    caught having sex with other men, the hypocrisy.

    After I left the borg. I join my old church (Baptist).

    One thing I notice, the Minister new that members

    of his church were alcoholics, some of the sisters were

    loose. He would say, you know brother Joe drinks A bit,

    but he is trying, sister hots also is doing the best she can.

    Ok I can except that, no one is perfect, so you shouldn,t

    expect perfection from your brother.

  • Apeman

    I don't do a damn thing. I'm a fader, and as such am still subject to getting disfellowshipped, which would cause a great deal of hardship for my family, so I treat them they way I want them to treat me. When I meet other JWs acting up (I even talk to a few back home in OH), I let them know that it's not my business to tell anyone, but if they get caught, that they better not finger me.

    I was in a bar one time, and a young sister I had a crush on was in there with a few other young ones from an old hall I went to. TO say they were getting plastered is an understatement, and since they had last seen me about 2 years prior, and I had lost about 100 pounds and grown my hair out, it took them a good while to remember who I was. The panicked expressions on their faces were priceless, but instead of being an ass, I proceeded to party with them and we had a ball. It was nice to hang out with her outside of the bounds of the WTBS' insanely strict rules on what constitutes a 'good time', and boy, she was a party animal. Never seen someone that small (5'1" 90lbs) drink that much and still be able to stand up.

  • garyneal

    I see it quite often with my wife.

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