Matt 19:6 - WTB$ preaches the sanctity of marriage but see what happens when one partner leaves the bOrg!

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  • Mary
    Talks that slam 'apostates' and the like she sits there nodding her head in agreement. It's like she's at the salem witch trials!

    Just make sure she doesn't turn you into a newt dawling......LOL!

  • punkofnice

    NDrew - You're right. The WTB$ is different to Bible definitions.

    Outlaw - Sorry to hear that but it just proves a point.

    Magwitch - True that sweetie!

    Blondie - Yeah. Doctrine outside of having a panda in paradise confuses them!

    Mary - Don't be ashamed of your past as your present is better!

    Clarity - Aww thanks. I'm an ugly old git but heart of gold!

    sd-7 - Let's hope Mrs Punk stops being so zealous!

    Hiding Q - They say: 'Oh. The 3 fold cord!' I say 'Cobblers!'

    Mary - I'm a bullfrog already!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    That wasn't an attempt at humor, Punky.

    I meant to dump the April 15, 2010 Watchtower, open at the noo lite pages, on her to read and try and understand and then explain to you in the way she would explain it to a householder, Bible Study, Minister of Christendom, English teacher, Oprah Winfrey, etc.. No abuse or trickery allowed as excuses to weasel her way out.

  • ziddina
    "...There is plenty of subversive pressure and nagging advertizing [which] wives of unbelieving mates can do to hound their husbands to have their 'minds cleansed' to WTB$ specification.
    However, when it comes to a 'mind cleansed' husband that wakes up from the 'brainwashing' 'mind cleansing' all hell breaks loose.
    I told her this is how the WTB$ DOES break up families. I told her she attributes all the bad to me but her actions are WTB$ inspired.
    Or is it just my situation? Is it just Mrs Punk or is it the 'just imperfect men' of the WTBs 'mind cleansing' that's done it? You know. 'Hate what is bad'..."


    This is one of the reasons I'm an atheist...

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    Hi punkofnice.

    I'm maybe a bit late joinint this thread but I hope you're ok today?

    Best wishes


  • beenthere26yr

    Hi punkofnice,

    Having lived over 26 years being defined as a "unbelieving husband" I can tell you that the Org doesn't give a rat's @** about the sanctity of marriage unless both partners are submissive to them.

    If a brainwashed mate has to choose between the WTS and a "worldly" partner you need to remember they are in fact brainwashed and they will almost always choose the WTS.

    I feel ill every time I read a thread about the marriage subject. The wittness organization is a destroyer of personal relationships and few couples survive the perpetual propaganda against "outsiders".

    You have my best wishes and hope for a good outcome of your current situation but whatever it may be you will survive it.


  • GLTirebiter
    Although the WTB$ pay lip service to the sanctity of marriage and will boldly declare they do not break up families, the 'mind cleansing' the JWs are under causes the opposite.
    There is plenty of subversive pressure and nagging advertizing wives of unbelieving mates can do to hound their husbands to have their 'minds cleansed' to WTB$ specification.

    AMEN , brother Punk! That pressure is a powerful force that refuse to be contained: if the UBM doesn't crack, the marriage usually will.

    Funny how as an apostate, I know more about the drivel they teach than when I went.

    @Mary: Yes, that seems odd--but there is an explanation. When things start falling apart, either losing faith in the organization or when a marriage starts falling apart, you want to understand why that's happening. It's human nature; you want to find the problem and hope that leads to fixing a cherished relationship. You keep trying, thus losing more and more of your blissful ignorance, until you finally admit the situation is beyond salvation.

    That isn't unique to apostates, we UBMs go through the same awakening.

  • WTWizard

    That's what that "third cord" is about. They believe Jehovah is in the marriage, so if you decide it's a burden for you or see something wrong with a doctrine by the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger and decide you want out of the religion, the mate is sticking with "Jehovah". They believe that the "threefold cord" is strongest--both parties being witlesses. But, if one leaves the cancer, they would rather stick with that "third cord".

    Not only is Jehovah not worthy of a swastika, but the Washtowel version of the "threefold cord" is counterfeit. They expect you to abide by, and teach, a doctrine even if you can prove it wrong right out of their own Bible. You can use their own Bible, and prove "a generation" is not two generations that saw each other alive, and you still have to abide by and teach the bad doctrine until the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger itself changes it. And more often than not, they are going to make an even worse mess instead of fixing the original mess.

    Yes, there was a washtowel that allows a separation if there is "extreme physical abuse", willful non-support by the husband, or "absolute spiritual endangerment". You could play your card wisely--there is no provision for remarriage unless you first commit adultery or get a civil divorce and remarry. If you do neither, your spouse will not be free to remarry. Unless your spouse is older than around menopause age (or has little or no sex drive), this could work to your advantage. You hold out, sooner or later you will get your spouse to either want you back or to commit fornication. In the first case, religion should remain out. In the second, the spouse will probably get disfellowshipped--and that's when the "privileges(??)" really take their plunge.

  • MrFreeze

    Spiritual pornography? Naked angels? Sounds hot.

  • punkofnice

    black sheep - That'd be something to behold if I did that!

    zid - WTB$ propaganda, Tis naught but sickening methinks!

    JLP - I'm doing OK thanks. Hope you are!

    Beenthere - True, true! My favourite WT snippet = "Minds must be cleansed" (Watchtower, June 1, 1953, p. 350 par. 24).

    GL T - Yes. We literally WOKE UP!

    WTWiz - The whole sex thing is a powerful tool the WTB$ uses againt UBMs!

    MrF - My favourite website!

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