Matt 19:6 - WTB$ preaches the sanctity of marriage but see what happens when one partner leaves the bOrg!

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  • punkofnice

    NR4G - I wonder if JW divorces are on a par country to country % wise or are worse in some countries?

  • designs


    Just going by personal observation being with the Org. since the 60s.

  • N.drew

    Hello! I was never in love with the Governing Body, I don't understand why they

    allow people to worship them as the command goes "do not you be called benefactors"

    Luke 22:25,26. How do they get away with it? Does faith look like this?

    BELIEVE 1. The name of Yahwe is a strong tower 2. Jesus knows the way to the tower

    3. He is the oNLY one that knows the way 4. We have the Bible so that we can know

    HOW to identify the Fine Shepherd who knows the way 5. we have a conscience that

    can choose to obey or choose to disobey. 6. one can't be both obey and disobey

    because "You must be holy" 1 Peter 1:16. 7. baptism is for God, not for an organization

    8. We have been warned "do not lean on your own understanding" 9. here is where

    the difficulty lies; Our conscience can "feel" important choices we make in our lives,

    before we make them, that is why cowards won't inherit God's Kingdom. I think it is level

    with the "sacred secret". In other words, when making the choice to stay or go, they

    feel their "gut" but it doesn't feel right to leave, so they stay. It might be what means

    "their god is their belly". Be kind. The world is not kind, the love of the many has cooled

    off Matthew 24:12. So to be persuading your loved one to decide right, you must honestly

    be convincing her you are not taking her out of the pan and into the fire.


    Good morning Punk..

    Ya..A lot of marraiges are destroyed by the WBT$..

    None survived in my family..

    The WBT$ is a Graveyard of Broken JW Marriages..


  • Magwitch

    Great thread Punk! So sorry you are going through this. You have such a fantastic sense of humor; it is such a shame that your wife does not appreciate this.

    There are so many miserable marriages in the cong. So many have absolutely nothing in common other than the religion. I only married my husband because he was a regular pioneer as I was. I figured two people serving Jehovah full time would most definately be happy and blessed. This illusion came to a halting crash around day 3 of the marriage.

  • blondie

    I'm not surprised that she knows nothing about "overlapping." I know many jws that still don't grasp or accept that the 1914 generation has been superseded with new information.

    I asked one sister, "is Jesus your mediator" and she said "of course." Me, "then you're of the anointed?" "No," she said, "what made you think that." a jw 55 years and has slept through 3 QFRs on it.

  • Mary

    Blondie, I'm embarassed to admit that I didn't know they taught that about Jesus not being the Mediator for the R&F up until 2002 when I did a thread on it. I think it was during the Circuit Serpant's visit and he made the comment that 'some have left the truth because they couldn't accept that Jesus was only the Mediator for the 144,000' or something like that. It totally threw me for a loop as I wasn't expecting that.

    Funny how as an apostate, I know more about the drivel they teach than when I went.

  • clarity

    Punkofnice ...seems like a lot of women are throwing away a good thing.

  • sd-7

    Well, that sounds a lot like my story. I learned it was always a mistake to engage a Borg member on any of the issues--and naturally something would happen to get me angry enough to unlearn that lesson... It's hard to believe that something so sacred could so quickly become absurd like that, but there you have it.

    I think in a lot of ways it's better to simply use their own methods against them. Find common ground, speak objectively about scriptures and openly about verifiable Watchtower history. I like to use those kinds of things. But the last time I did was in a bit of a fight with my mom about the missus not attending the convention.

    I think you have to play more defense than offense in this situation. I think sincerity has to win out over anger in order to show the other person that you're not a bad, wicked person, just sincere in your belief and in your right to disagree. It seems hard to understand how anyone who is close to you could fail to stop and think. A person doesn't just give up a lifelong, cherished belief system for no reason. Or for arrogance or whatever the propaganda asserts. Beliefs, after all, should be based on facts and not emotion, or so they say.

    But I think once you wake up you find that you're so far removed from that mindset that it's almost like a half-remembered dream.

    What I chose to do was, in spite of my strong feelings, to support my wife in any way I could short of participating in what was now her worship. I'd give her rides to the meetings and pick her up, watch the kid(s) for her while she went out recruiting. It was very hard to live like that. She's not been to meetings in over 3 months now, including skipping the convention, but evidently it's not because of me. I think it's all a matter of...does she feel there's an emotional safety net for her apart from the "brothers and sisters"? I gather that my wife found herself performing without the assistance of a net in their three-ring circus, and decided to take a nice, long breather.

    It's such a minefield, it really is. Hard to see your way ahead sometimes. But there's always hope. Good luck, punkofnice.


  • Hiding Questioner
    Hiding Questioner

    "I tried, unsuccessfully, to have the Society develop a pre-marital counseling program like other religions do to help couples."

    I too am a victim of a WTBTS distroyed marriage. I too was and remain baffled at the total lack of marriage maintenance programs and iniatives within the Borg, especially considering what can happen in a JW divorce. The methods used by the Borg are solely based on "divorce prevention" and not "marriage maintence" They seem to not have a clue that there is a big difference between these two concepts, though, admittedly, the goals are the same. A key difference is that good marriage maintenance skills can bring lasting happyness, somthing the GB does'nt give a s**t about.


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