NAME ONE USEFUL THING done by Russell, Rutherford, F.Franz

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  • castthefirststone

    The Bible laid the foundation, Russell started the construction and Rutherford completed the construction while making huge changes to create the beast know as the Watchtower. Today it provides employment, housing and purpose to thousands of members albeit to the detriment of others.

  • erbie

    I found a copy of The Finished Mystery in my local book store a few years back and I can honestly say that it reads as the ramblings of a complete mad-man. It should be on an enforced reading list for JW wannabees so that they can see first hand what their counterfeit religion is built upon.

    It is inconceivable how anyone could conjure up all this nonsense and very worrying that anyone could ever believe it.

    Of course, they now either pretend they have no knowledge of it or step around it somehow.

    Masters of mendacity they are.

  • Terry

    A new century always brings out the lunatic fringe. The century that saw World War I became particularly susceptible to powerful manipulation by

    sociopaths with persuasive panaceas. Madmen, when brilliant, are apt to find the means to achieve their madness. It usually begins where

    the deepest well of emotions are stirred: religious and political.

    Russell had enough money to indulge his whims. When tens of thousands of ordinary god-fearing believers popped up and patted him on the back it must

    stirred his imagination. He was on to something BIG! But, he didn't know how to see himself objectively. The only test for prophetic ideas is the doing or

    undoing of your predictions. It was his undoing ONLY if he couldn't explain all the failures. Well, he certainly tried.

    Rutherford used the publishing company as a trampoline to hurtle over any obstacle in his way. But, where did he want to go? We can only view

    the wreckage in human lives to determine the path and the plan. Being the founder of a new religion is not the easiest task imaginable. Judge Rutherford

    on Russell's shoulders. But, Russell had stood on the Adventist's and they, in turn, on Newton's all the way back through history.


    Were they suicidal? Such a mad preoccupation with PREDICTING THE END OF THE WORLD would lead me to think so.

    I think these men were in a great psychological pain bordering on brilliant madness.

    They demanded attention and they got it. The end result is an erratic but clear pattern of sociopathic manipulation of others.

    Religious madmen are filled with delusions. When the delusions are of grandeur as anointed Kings of the world ruling over mankind with Jesus--well,

    what would you expect to be the result?

    They were able to keep a certain kind of human being very very busy like ants carrying things up a hill. But, these ants could sting.

    They stung each other and the screams of pain echo down the corridors of history with the voices of victims eager for the face of God.

  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    Russell: Having a beard but you can't have one

    Rutherford: Getting drunk but you are not allowed

    Franz: Plaid shirts but you cant dress like that on the platform.

  • Terry

    Yes, plaid shirts! The final abomination unto the Lord of Hosts!

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